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Alright, ZD has said that he tracked down someone who seems to be able to provide quite a bit of information regarding the enitre "family tree" of U.S. corruption in the (what is turning out to be national) pension scandal, that includes L.A. City's LACERS and State of California's CalPERS pension funds.

Los Angeles Times has been covering some of the SEC investigation and has been covering the arrests and resignations of Villaraigosa-appointed (or re-approved) pension commissioners.

And the first thing I am here to tell you that I am learning from my source (Mr. Steven Source, as I will refer to him/her as), is that the powers that be, who pull the strings and control all the corruption and shadiness that is involved, is WAY bigger than Villaraigosa, or a governor, and probably even President.

A lot of people, including myself, would like to see Villaragiosa have to step down as quickly into his second term as possible, whether it's becoming governor (just to get him out of our City); OR FEDERAL INDICTMENT...whatever it takes. Now, I think Antonio is a nice guy; and not as bad as some people say as a person, and although I don't like the job he does as mayor, I don't wanna see the guy end up doing time.

I REALLY DON'T!!! So hopefully, what I wish we would see, is Villaraiogsa eventually stepping down, in an abundance of caution, or because it becomes too distracting, like his pension commissioners have been doing.

But, to be fair, regarding THIS stuff, I think Tony Cardenas, Alex Padilla and investor Mark Siffin have more to be worried about, this weekend.

So what started out as Z*ma D*gg expressing concerns, quite publicy, regarding the LACERS money when I saw signs that Wall Street was going to be in trouble, then WAS in trouble; that I knew was tied to the mayor through his commissioners; that I even took time to mention in my three minute TV spot for City TV 35 during my mayoral campaign because I felt commissioner appointments were the BIG unspoken problem with City corruption and hoping Villaraigosa would eventually have his term cut short as a result, ended up to be ALL OF THAT, but much more deep of a river.

So this will end up being a local, national AND international story -- and it is likely that some super-small guppies (like a mayor) will end up being caught up and forced out in all of this pension corruption that will now be coming to an end like Madoff and all the Wall Street stuff that the plug has now been pulled on since we can no longer afford it as a nation. So what we are seeing here, is a guy like Antonio, who isn't the most evil guy, but your typical suited politician who has been going along with it all, as it has all been going on for ever...and unfortunatley, some folks are getting caught with the toilet seat slammin' down on their pee-pees, as the music that has NEVER seemed to stop, finally stopped in this corrupt game of musical chairs.

HA HA! I made you sit through all of that, which I needed you to read as a set-up, for this memo from Mr. Source to Zuma Dogg that sets the stage for what is to come.

PEOPLE...HANG ON...WE GOT SOME EXPLOSIVE SH*T THAT IS ABOUT TO FLY ON THIS BLOG...And the powers that be NOW KNOW that this guy (Mr. Source) is working with ZD. I sent my message via blog...AND HE MADE SURE, by "Cc:"ing everyone who could possibly be involved, across the globe. HELLO WORLD, it's Z*ma D*gg! Check me out on YouTube! ( Like Pink once said, "Let's get the party started" or something like that.

From: Zuma's Pension Scandal Source (Mr. Steven Source)
Cc: Too Many International Corporations, Govt. Agencies & Media Outlets Than You Need To Know!
Dt: May 8, 2009

Zuma Dogg,

Your writings while bothering a great many who don’t expect to see a white man telling it the way it is, let alone a cool white “street person”, brought a smile to the face of my most beautiful French-Canadian wife as we are currently dealing on this most beautiful sunshine filled afternoon on the water’s edge of heavily corrupt Del Mar, California with a couple of “unsettling” domestic issues that are not quite the same as being constantly hungry, let alone dying of thirst when not living on the cold and dangerous streets of Los Angeles. [ZD: I believe that "unsettling domestic issue" was two unmarked helicoters that paid Mr. & Ms. Source a visit as they had their ocean front breakfast, the morning after ZD's blog post, alerting a few "in the know insiders" that ZD was being mentored by Mr. Source.]

There is nothing funny about the Wetherly Capital Group and its heavy duty financial backers who are the backbone of the Democratic Party, and who are principally bankrolled by De Beers who are also the principal backers of the Republican Party as well as all the other feeding-off-the-masses political parties throughout the world, including those in faraway countries like Israel and South Africa.

Not to mention the WCG, who had me on retainer from Oct. 2001 to Jan. 2002 while having me attend a most revealing board meeting on February 8th 2002 when a half hour into the meeting I rather abruptly left after getting my hands on “smoking gun” evidence of “voter fraud” in the upcoming California Gubernatorial elections which had Democratic Governor Gray Davis being re-elected in November 2002 Gubernatorial elections, while his opponent, the son of former Secretary of Treasury, William Simon just happened to be one of Wetherly Capital Group’s major clients, and of course the mainstream media and their equally corrupt non-mainstream media wouldn’t touch such information coming from such a “hugely credible” person as me, with a 100 foot pole.

To mention little of the WCG orchestrating two meetings on December 28th, 2001, some 10 minutes apart, all about “greasing of the wheels”.

The first meeting involved four individuals; Davis and the two most senior executives of Vivendi, the French multi-national water conglomerate, Andy Seidel, the CEO of Vivendi Environmental and their General Counsel whose last name I believe was/is Stanek; and the fourth was Joe Campos, a longtime close confidante of Dan Weinstein, co-managing director of WCG who was “renting space” within WCG’s headquarters in west Los Angeles.

The second meeting also included Davis and Campos plus my close colleague Dr. Rod Smith PhD. of the who is the preeminent authority on water related issues west of the Colorado Rockies.

To mention in passing not only did I have my wife, Ms. Mary Source get her very carefully worded will witnessed by a neighbor attorney on January 3rd, 2002, the day Vivendi’s share price began a 280 day precipitous decline, and losing some US$ 63 billion in market value, but on April 23rd, 2002 I wrote to Stanford Law School Professor, Joe Grundfest Esq. [click hyperlink below], a former senior member of the Securities Exchange Commission to see if I could share such irrefutable evidence of voter fraud with him, and he responded threateningly, “Could I stop you”?

You will have noticed that you were for a moment or too not all that concerned about your hunger, thirst, or lack of safe shelter which I will not make more comment about; and well aware that you did not mention that you are thirsty for clean drinking water.

If you, a most ingeniously articulate Lily White Wheaty Eater American like myself, are to fully gain my trust and choose to work smartly alongside me, and not be distracted by the “small time” and mostly distracting politics of heavily corrupt Los Angeles, you must immediately get your arms around the mafia monopoly De Beers by first reading The Diamond Invention only available on The Internet, which should take you no more than a handful of hours of most interesting reading, and then to examine carefully these communiqu├ęs (see link) that followed my decision on 11.11.2004 to break my 24-year “deafening silence” with this most brutal special interest of special interest group.

Before responding, sleep on all the names you see in the carbon copied section.

Then you might want to consider taking a drive to my neck of the woods and join me in a local “street walk” as we “engage” the public on the “important issues of the day” which of course we will videotape, while not forgetting each and every problem you and all the “street people” of the world face can all be traced [lengthy international historical perspective]...(ZD: We'll get into that historical international background in later postings, as the picture unf0lds.]

Mr. Source

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