Saturday, May 9, 2009

LA Daily Blog Weekend Update (Super Shady Pension Scandal Edition)

It's all about LA Daily Blog's exclusive LACERS & CalPERS pension scandal coverage, that has REALLY heated up since Mr. Steven Source is now mentoring Zuma Dogg, the way Dr. Dre mentored my own Doggfather, Cousin Snoop.

Make sure to subscribe or set a Google alert for this blog, cause it's gonna get HOT with inside info reagrding "pension scandal players" that is not available anywhere else, from a source so HOT, unmarked helicopters "dropped in" while he was eating breakfast outside on his deck, yesterday. Whether that had anything to do with Zuma Dogg blogging names out of a memo, only he could have written is not known to me, probably just a big coincidence, but let's you know the level of source.

Meanwhile, LA DAILY BLOG checks in at #5, this week on Blog Net News (BNN) STATEWIDE ranker, with many stories this week landing in the Top 5, NATIONWIDE U.S. Ranker!!! (Heat rises, y'all! Headline: "Mutt Kicks Butt!")

LA Daily Recent Posts

Meg Whitman Blows California Gubernatorial Hopes (ALREADY) Over Medical Marijuana Comments

Posted: Thu, 07 May 2009 21:07:00 +0000


BNN's "Per-post Influence"

This somewhat experimental measure attempts to distinguish tease out the difference between blogs that have a lot of impact, at least in part, because of the volume of posts they produce as opposed to blogs that post less often, but whose post have a greater individual impact on the state's blog conversation.

Rank Blog Prev
1 San Diego Politico 15
2 8
3 Zuma Times 3

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