Thursday, May 21, 2009

Los Angeles City Councilmember Admits, "I had pressure from inside City Hall to stay out of the (City Attorney) race."

KNBC 4 NEWS: Janice, one of the things that we have been asked all along, and we saw this happening was that there WAS pressure, and I am going to ask you both, how MUCH pressure was there for you to stay out of this race for City Attorney knowing that one of your colleagues who sits right across from you in the horse shoe at city hall was running for City Attorney?

Janice looks at CM Dennis Zine who is standing there and points to him and says, "Go to him first."

So Dennis says, "I never had any pressure..." And goes into reasons he supported Nuch over Weiss.

When Janice was asked, she at first rambled and filibustered on how her brother was City Attorney for 16 years so I think I know a 'little bit' about what it takes to be a good city attorney...blah, blah, blah..."

But like Zuma Dogg and Leonard Shapiro, the KNBC 4 News reporter was confused with the answer, and tripped Janice up and got her to cave, by "pressuring" her, by repeating the question. SHE CAVED!

Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn said, "Sure, I mean we always are pressured, I had pressure from inside City Hall to stay out of the race."

I wonder who that "inside City Hall" pressure came and what that pressure was in the form of? Maybe it was the person who takes her order at the coffee shop, or maybe it's the guy who empties out the recycle bins?

I know people do not like when Bratton makes political endorsements. I think "pressure" from City Hall insiders is just as bad, and even worse, because you are preventing the other side (endorsing) from doing what YOUR side (Bratton) is doing (endorsing).

ANYWAY, who cares what pressure Villar's sinking ship puts on people...I think even Councilmembers like Janice Hahn may almost be ready to hint of being able to take a stand against Loseraigosa. And finally, I am glad to hear that Janice endorsed and supported Nuch.

Even though I attended every City Council meeting over the past year, during the course of the entire primary election, and run-off election and listen to all the talk radio shows all the time, I HAD NO IDEA?!?! NOW I know how Nuch pulled this off! And way to take a stand and stand up against the mayor the way Dennis did. (And you know what Janice, hate to throw this in, but Zuma Dogg took some risk as well, by challenging the council president and city attorney when they tried to cut me off when disucssing the matter, myself. BUT I STOOD UP!!! THEY COULD HAVE BANNED ME FOR THE DAY...Seriously, when I saw Janice in the lobby of the Universal Hilton, I ran into the party and told some people, "You won't believe who is in the lobby...Janice Hahn!" (I thought she was just there as a coincidence for some other reason.) YIKES! My bad! Anyway, glad Janice supported Nuch, and took a stand against pressure by showing up to the VICTORY PARTY.

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