Friday, May 8, 2009

Los Angeles City & State of California Pension Scandal Story WILL BE TOLD HERE at LA DAILY BLOG (National News Media, PAY ATTENTION, starting... NOW!)

Oops! Looks like Zuma Dogg made the splash he was hoping for with a person he was hoping to.

Someone VERY inside (who I conatacted in my research of the LACERS/CalPERS pension scandal), just sent me an email (along with my original contact email attached to this person/source) to about 50 other "very interesting" people in the CCs:.

Quite a unique international email list this person has. I always kinda envisioned/hoped a lot of these people would catch wind of my blogging about the pension scandal. NOW IT'S BEEN GUARANTEED! There's no looking back now. Let's just say, ZD is on the map and on the radar of anyone, and everyone he could hope for, and otherwise. It's a pretty high tightrope I'm walking, now. GULP!

So, if you are interested in the U.S. pension scandal that includes City of Los Angeles (LACERS) and State of California (CalPERS) pension fund scandal, as you are reading about in L.A. Times and elsewhere; make sure you Google alert this blog, or subscribe, or remember to check back. Cause if Uncle MC Zuma Dogg was "Jimmy Page," he just headed to Chicago to meet Willie Dixon; and the two seem to hit it off; so look for some duets. THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG FOLKS!

THIS IS GOING TO BE THE STUFF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR. FORGET ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ELSE. And if you wanna sing the blues, you gotta pay the dues, and if you wanna play guitar like Jimmy Page, I guess the first thing the blues master will make you do is sit down and read the scales. So similarly, as the medium/vehicle that will be trying to convey this very big story, you may wonder why I am talking about something. How does this fit in? O.K., now he's REALLY off on a tangent that has to be a wild goose chase.

EXCUSE ME: You've know me for three (intense) years. You either say, "Daaaaaaaamn Zuma, you've kinda been on to a few things," or not. I'm here to tell you folks, HANG ON! You can forget about almost anything and EVERYTHING ELSE now, in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, if you are reading this blog, you probably agree that it is "corruption" (fraud, waste, abuse, racketeering) that is the root of all messes that we run around and try to huff and puff the politicians to "fix." NOW, we are going to find out why these city councilmembers and mayors and governors cannot do SQUAT about the problems for which we have been demanding solutions: They are mere puppets to the bigger string pullers. And you don't end up "King Sting Puller" of governors and mayors and assemblymembers and councilmembers by giving a shit about how many eggs are broken along the way.

But this is a local blog, and some folks think we need a new mayor and some other new blood inside city hall. Some folks wonder if any of this SEC investigated pension scandal business will tie back to Villaraigosa and force him out of office. I don't know how far and wide things will go, however, if that is your goal, pay attention, we start now:

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