Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does Zuma Dogg's Source Have "Smoking Gun Evidence" of 2002 Gubernatorial Election Fraud?

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Looks like America is responding to Zuma Dogg's coverage of what is now turning into a NATIONWIDE pension scandal that may end up being the biggest news story since Watergate.

Zuma Dogg is covering the unraveling Wall Street bamboozlement from a local Los Angeles perspective; that spreads to a State of California issue; that we now see is a NATIONAL issue (with Cali, New York, New Mexico and other states touched by this corporate shadiness and I am here to say, corruption). And my source on this story who has worked with many of the inside players, including Wetherly Capital, is here to say that the cause of all this local political corruption is merely a "small potatoes" by product of Vivendi over water rights in California and De Beers diamond money that funds it all.

And what my source would most like to bring to my attention, besides the big picture historic background of political corruption that dates back to the '50's and World War II, is that the REAL issue that should be noted, when discussing Wetherly shadiness, is "voter fraud" in the 2002 California Gubernatorial election when Gray Davis was re-elected, defeating Bill Simon.

Interestingly enough, Wetherly was working on a $100 million special situation private equity fund for Simon and Sons (Bill's dad, I guess Bill is the son) that is detailed below.



I guess what comes out most when you look into all of this pension scandal stuff, and the layers start to peel away, you need to start looking into Wetherly Capitals involvement in the 2002 Gubernatorial elections when Gray Davis was re-elected, beating his opponent Bill Simon, of Simon & Sons who happened to be a client of Wetherly Capital at the time in 2001 on a $100 MILLION (private equity) Special Situation Fund with Simon & Sons that was targeting CalPERS, CALSTRS, NY Common, Oregon, WA State, Rhode Island and Colorado fire and police pension money.

Wetherly took "1 point" on this Long Term Debt Distressed Hedge Fund.

Julio Ramirez was the contact at Wetherly, working with Brendan Gallaher at Simon & Sons at the time.

The term "voter fraud" is used to describe the "smoking gun evidence" (according to my source, Mr. Source), who walked out of a Wetherly Capital board meeting in 2002 when Source was working with the firm.

I need to remind you this blog is not The New York Times. I am sharing information that has come my way and am sharing it with readers in the vetting process and to see if anyone else has any information regarding this matter. In my opinion, the source seems very credible. I will share more memos from Mr. Source (who's name I think I can reveal, just want to double check, first).


The Wetherly Captial Group, who had me on retainer from Oct. 2001 to Jan. 2002 -- while having me attend a most revealing board meeting on February 8th 2002 -- when a half hour into the meeting I rather abruptly left after getting my hands on “smoking gun” evidence of “voter fraud” in the upcoming California Gubernatorial elections which had Democratic Governor Gray Davis being re-elected in November 2002 Gubernatorial elections, while his opponent, the son of former Secretary of Treasury, William Simon just happened to be one of Wetherly Capital Group’s major clients.

To mention little of the WCG orchestrating two meetings on December 28th, 2001, some 10 minutes apart, all about “greasing of the wheels”.

The first meeting involved four individuals; Davis and the two most senior executives of Vivendi, the French multi-national water conglomerate, Andy Seidel, the CEO of Vivendi Environmental and their General Counsel whose last name I believe was/is Stanek; and the fourth was Joe Campos, a longtime close confidante of Dan Weinstein, co-managing director of WCG who was “renting space” within WCG’s headquarters in west Los Angeles.

The second meeting also included Davis and Campos plus my close colleague Dr. Rod Smith PhD. of the who is the preeminent authority on water related issues west of the Colorado Rockies.

MUCH MORE TO COME. THIS IS SOMETHING I CAME ACROSS WHEN SIFTING THROUGH VOLUMES OF 1500-4000 word emails, my source continues to follow on with me. This guy is like a Shakespeare Albert Einstein, and every tangent leads to another tangent through the true web of links that is giving me a nervous breakdown trying to follow, and it's been about16 hour, today.

So my job as you friendly, neighborhood blogger is to try and sift through it all, and pull out pieces as they present themselves; but I'll make sure you see all the good stuff, and some very good stuff HAS been posted. Check the blog.

THERE ARE MANY LAYERS AND PLAYERS. But my source seems to think this "2002 voter fraud" is the big thing to be screaming about, and he knows the situation (special situation, that is) better than I.

The purpose of this blog is to sift through all the information coming in and try and focus it down to something you can take in.

And this may turn out to be part of what is uncovered in any ivestigations, depending on how deep things go. Certainly, they do not have to go this deep to root out a lot of the players.

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