Friday, May 15, 2009

New Mexico State Legislator Contacts Zuma Dogg To Share Information on WETHERLY CAPITAL!!!

[Picutred: Zuma's Source's cliff-house. Looks more comfy than the sidewalk I slept on this month.]

UPDATE: At this point, I think I should be saying, "Hello" to Mr. Bill Clinton, who is probably turning red as he is yelling, "Who the f*ck is this 'Zuma Dogg'? I liked what he said on Howard Stern, but how do we shut him up, now!" Hey Bill, we both learned a lot about "communication" from our 6' 10'' friend from San Diego, back when you were Prez. I could tell he was coaching you! Good job.]

Yes, although I woke up this morning, outside, on the sidewalk to the sound of garbage trucks and banging dumpsters; made it to City Hall for a three and a half hour council meeting where I blasted Council, throughout the meeting on PENSIONGATE, all on ZERO dollars and an empty gas tank, and yes, I am still stuck downtown;

NOW, I have to spend time helping out the State of New Mexico, too, as someone from the New Mexico State Legislation just called Zuma Dogg because I guess I am blogging some exclusive stuff, by some Wetherly insider, that even the State of New Mexico can see is the REAL DEAL; and now we are sharing information, so let me say that NOW, Zuma Dogg will be tying Wetherly Capital's Dan Weinstein to shady business dealings in NEW MEXICO through Marc Correra (I got to check the spelling). Marc runs the business in N.M. for Dan, Dan runs the business in California, and Hank Morris RAN it in New York.

Just so Mr. Weinstein knows I'm not just "fishing" it involves Vanderbuilt Capital, and I guess that REALLY means CITIGROUP who sat in on some interesting board meetings when Wetherly pushed New Mexico into a house of card over this subprime bundle (of crap).

AND, when New Mexico called, I was just looking over a follow up email from my source regarding the 2002 Gubernatorial election (fraud) and WATER!!!


I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF TO GO THROUGH...Mr. New Mexico CONFIRMS Zuma Dogg has the real deal (and N.M. has been following this, as they have been investigating Richardson, that this all ties together to, along with Clinton) and I am still stuck PLEASE RALLY and have some folks PayPal me some gas and food money.

Meanwhile, here's an excerpt of what I am working on next, but I woke up on the sidewalk, I blasted council all three days this week, have been BREAKING PensionGate news and would like to have more than zero to get out of Downtown and be able to wake up tomorrow and carry on with this investigation. Besides that, here's and excerpt of what's next:


Just look at yourself who has not been able to keep up with my writings for more than a week while “street person” Zuma Dogg manages not only to read it all but find incredibly important emails of mine from April 20th 2004 to the co-managing partner of the Wetherly Capital Group that help explain why it is that I am still alive; not to mention Zuma Dogg emailed me last night while my wife and I were still partying to let me now that if, “think you are going to be taken out within 24 hours??? you can always call me, too. 213-785-7272.”

Isn’t he thoughtful?

BTW, did you notice that Vicky Schiff, co-managing partner of the WCG is carbon copied along with her attorney William H. Jackson Esq. (William Jackson was appointed Chairman of the CRA by Villlaraigosa in '95, coincidentally. The CRA invested LACERS money in Grand Ave Project, but was forced to pull out after public pressure from Zuma Dogg.)

Not to mention (a Professor at Stanford Law School/former member of the Securities Exchange Commission) understood perfectly well that the evidence I would be presenting went a whole lot further than securities fraud...and understood perfectly that I could back up every word when letting him know d that I had irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of “voter fraud” in the upcoming California Gubernatorial elections that led to the highest levels of the Democratic Party whose top financier, apart from De Beers themselves, is Ron Burkle, who also happened to provide the WCG with its seeds capital totaling sum US$ 2 million which is of course “chicken feed” in the “scheme of things” but a whole lot better than a “kick in the tochas”, most would agree.

Maybe Zuma Dogg can suggest where to place these 7 documents:

1: WCG CONFIDENTIAL INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM (2 pages] produced by Vicky Schiff for the February 8th, 2002 board meeting held in the office next to Dick Ziman, who is the WCG’s Chairman of the Board. Note the fact that I am present at this meeting. That is my handwriting in red pen.

EXIBIT: Page 2 of memo regarding Wetherly's "water strategy."


MORE TO COME...and if you are the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or an investigative body and would like access to my information, call Zuma (213) 785-7272. I can't even read all the stuff that is coming in.

I see why Villaraigosa backed Hillary Clinton, instead of Obama who he probably wanted to endorse from the start.

Clintons are friends with Burkle who was raising money and backing California Democratic candidates, and Villaraigosa was "appointing" the people connected to Wetherly (like CRA Chairman William H. Jackson who is also Wetherly Capital's legal counsel) and of course Villar's pension commission appointments} who invested the money into shell equity funds across NY, CA and New Mexico, along with Bill Richardson.

And as they saw it all falling apart, Antonio had to team up with Bill and Hillary and Richardson to keep it all covered up.

But your little ole Zuma Dogg happened to stumble upon a few things.

So it ain't covered up anymore Bonnie, Clyde, President Bill, Hillary, Antonio, Ron, Darius and company.

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