Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama says financial sector to shirnk

Looks like the Wall Street pilfer-party is over that has been fueling all the fun all this time. Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way; bottom-up from scratch. About as much fun as walking uphill to school in the snow.

Obama says financial sector to shrink
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The financial sector will make up a smaller part of the U.S. economy in the future as new regulations clamp down on "massive risk-taking," President Barack Obama said in an interview published on Saturday.

Read about State of California Corrupt Shenanigans Here:

MINOR BONUS VIDEO: Still trying to get video of Villar's Town Hall Budget Meeting uploaded. Finally got this short clip uploaded of him entering the room. The substantive clips are longer and take longer to upload. But Antonio groupies will dig it.

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