Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Is Wendy Greuel Using Her "Councilmember" Position To RAISE MONEY FOR ANDREW CUOMO?!?!

Why is Los Angeles City Councilmember Wendy Greuel's name on this fundraiser for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo? Although this fundraiser was probably under the guise of his New York Attorney General re-election bid in 2010, Uncle Zuma Dogg would like to remind you, under New York state law, this money may be/is allowed to be used for Cuomo 2010, The Governor Campaign! (And Zuma Dogg feels he WILL be running for Governor, based on his pension fund investigation, where L.A.-based Wetherly Capital and Dan Weinstein's name keeps coming up.)

Smirk all you want Wendy, ZD is on to your power scheme!

Andrew CUOMO - 2010

You are Cordially Invited to Join

Rhoda & Secretary Dan Glickman, Kimberly Marteau Emerson & John Emerson, Harvey Englander, Councilmember Wendy Greuel, Chad Griffin, Susan Harbert, Secretary Michael Kantor, Linda & Syd Leibovitch, Rica Orszag, Michele & Rob Reiner, Jennifer Perry & Andy Spahn, Bobby Shriver, Laura & Casey Wasserman

Host Committee in Formation

In Support Of New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo

For a Reception - Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 6:00pm – 7:30pm
At the home of Laura & Casey Wasserma

Contribution Levels:
Co-Chair - $5,000
Host - $2,500
Supporter - $1,000
To RSVP please call 212-261-4745 or email

Contribution in support of
New York State Attorney General

For compliance with NYS Election Law, please provide the following information:
To help us better communicate with you, please provide the following:
The account being used to make this contribution is registered to and managed by a/an:
□ Individual □ Sole Proprietorship □ PAC or Labor Union □ Candidate Committee
□ Partnership □ Corporation □ LLC □ Party Committee
*For non-individuals, please provide the contributing entity’s name(s)___________________________________________________
*Contributor’s note to Andrew Cuomo 2010: I notify Andrew Cuomo 2010 that to the best of my knowledge neither I personally nor any entity which I own or control has any matter presently pending with the NYS Attorney General’s office or has had any matter resolved within the last 90 days.

Contributions to Andrew Cuomo 2010 are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Andrew Cuomo 2010 accepts no more than $55,900 per election from individuals, unions, political action committees, and trade associations. Partnerships and LLCs that make
contributions will be required to specifically identify the partners responsible for the contribution, and that amount will be counted against each partner’s individual contribution
limit. Thus, the $55,900 per election limit applies to each partner, individually, and not to the partnership or LLC entity itself. Total contributions from a corporation may not
exceed $5,000 per calendar year aggregate to all New York state and local candidate committees. Corporations, other entities and individuals are strictly prohibited from
reimbursing another person/entity for making a contribution to Andrew Cuomo 2010. All contributors must be US citizens or permanent resident aliens (green card holder).
Please make checks payable to Andrew Cuomo 2010 and mail to:
1010 Vermont Ave nw, suite 814 washington, dc

However, in my investigation of Cuomo's investigation, I found out that Cuomo appears to be shadier than Villaragiosa and Wendy "Greuesome" Greuel combined! Wendy is the current L.A. City Councilmember who will be sworn in as City Controller on July 1st. Since Jack Weiss lost his city attorney bid, last week, and will also be OUT as Councilmember in July, Greuesom Greuel is now Villaraigosa's closest and most powerful political ally.

Over the weekend, ZD came across a little "glitch" in Cuomo's investigation. And I came up with another "glitch" regarding Cuomo's overall integrity.
And NOW, with California Attorney General Jerry Brown issuing subpoenas to some of Villaragiosa's closest puppet-masters (Wetherly's Weinstein and Yucaipa/Gold Bridge (To Prision) Capital this past Friday evening. Antonio won't be allowed to run for Governor anymore, even though he may be the last one to realize. But I think now, even HE realizes.

But regarding AG Jerry Brown's investigation, if Jerry doesn't go after Antonio directly in all of this, even the hint of Villaraigosa running for Governor at this point, means Jerry Brown, who may also have Gubernatorial aspirations, will pull out that subpoena file, and start looking at it again to try and remember how it all ties to L.A.'s Master Placement Agent, Antonio Villaraiogsa. (He also happens to be the mayor.)

Zuma Dogg says Wendy will be running for Mayor when Antonio either steps down over this PensionGate scandal (SEC investigation, NOT Cuomo's), or in four years (since Antonio now has 0.01% chance of being Governor of California). Or maybe the Democrats have even higher hopes for Wendy!

So Antonio has Wendy, and like Spock's mom in the new Star Trek movie, Jack Weiss didn't make it back to the Enterprise when everyone was beamed back from the exploding planet.

In other words, Antonio and Wendy won, but Jack lost the big seat, CITY ATTORNEY, to the other end of the political rope, Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich. THIS IS A BIG, BIG...BIG problem for Villar and Greuesom. Not only didn't they get their boy Jackass in there to be able to continue to take the corruption to new and higher levels as you have the same gang in all the seats of the get away car (Villar, Weiss, Greuel), but now they ALL have to worry about what may end up coming out in the wash once Nuch takes office, or what laws they may no longer be able to skirt, or ignore, or change to accomodate themselves.

So Antonio ain't looking too good in this PensionGate scandal that includes a bunch of his pals and commission appointments that is being operated out of Cuomo's office. So how do you get out of it and create a "win-win" for everyone (and by everyone, I mean the politicians, not the people)?


So look for Villaraigosa to get out there for Cuomo and deliver the Latino vote and money to Andrew, like he delivered it to Hillary, then Obama.

BUT, Villar couldn' t be there for this Cuomo fundraiser, because it's not time, yet.

So standing in for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was COUNCILMEMBER Wendy Greuel.

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! Why is an L.A. City Councilmember raising money for the shadiest Attorney General, quite possibly based on the two links above, in the history of this country?

Wouldn't it be nice, if Villar's and Cuomo's team up to represent N.Y. & L.A., the way Snoop and Dre teamed up, representin' the City of Long Beach & Compton!

Imagine if you had the same shady team in control of the New York governor's office AND California office!!! (That still may be the dream, to have Antonio be Governor in Cali, with Cuomo in NY...although we all know that ain't gonna be happening now, at the time of this invite, it was still all systems go.)

So you can say Wendy was just doing her part as a concered citizen, expressing her first amedment right by feeling the necessity as an L.A. resident to get out there and raise money for NEW YORK Attorney General. HOWEVER, it says "COUNCILMEMBER" Wendy Greuesom of the invitation. So that says to Zuma Dogg that she was using her influence as an elected public official to get people to show up and chip in. And if that is not the case, and Wendy is such a bigshot regular community member, how come they put COUNCILmember on the invitation.

AND, once you read the links above regarding Cuomo, on top of what you probably already know about him...WE NOW HAVE THE CITY CONTROLLER OF LOS ANGELES DOING ON TEAM CUOMO. (Must be nice Wendy...Let's see where else your name pops up!)

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