Saturday, May 30, 2009

ZD EXCLUSIVE: Details of Century City/Westfield, LLC Settlement Appeal With Westwood Homeowners Coalition

Anyone intersted in the CD 5/Century City/Westfield, LLC project?
Here's the first part of the 23 page document:


May 27, 2009

Mike Eveloff
The Coalition of Homeowners Associations
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Re: The New Century Plan: Agreement as to the Coalition

Dear Mr. Eveloff:

Thank you for the opportunity to work together to address the concerns of the Coalition, which include the California Country Club Homes Association, Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association, Cheviot Hills Traffic Safety Association, Overland Avenue Community, Tract 7260 Homeowners Association, West of Westwood Homeowners Association, Westwood Gardens Civic Association, and Westwood Homeowners Association (the “Coalition”), who have together filed a City of Los Angeles appeal (the “Appeal”) of the New Century Plan (the “Project”). We are pleased that the Coalition and Westfield, LLC, the Project applicant, have been able to reach an understanding and agreement regarding the Project as outlined in this agreement (the “Agreement”).

As detailed below, Westfield agrees to provide funding for transportation and school improvements within the areas of the Coalition. In return, the Coalition agrees to dismiss the Appeal and to support the Project and the Project’s entitlements and environmental clearance under the California Environmental Quality Act, which are collectively referred to in this Agreement as the Project Approvals and more fully described in Attachment A, that are currently being considered for approval and certification by the City of Los Angeles, including any future modification which does not increase the Project’s size or traffic impacts on the Coalition. By signing this Agreement, all parties memorialize this mutual understanding...

[IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE READ, LET ME KNOW. And maybe you can read it and explain it to me over dinner at a very fancy and expensive dinner of my choice that you are buying. I could just email it to you, but I'm too hungry and don't have enough energy to press the send button.]

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