Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update on Los Angeles City Council & Villaraigosa The Shameless Sell-out DUMB Mayor

  1. Oh no, if Wendy Greuel is supporting A.Cuomo who's probably running for Governor, then Cuomo will probably support Villar for Governor. NYCA
  2. With Villar-ally Wendy Greuel openly raising money for New Yorker Andrew Cuomo, could it be long before Antonio is told to pitch in, too?
  3. Heard Villaraigosa using terms today like, "Golden State of California" and "broken system." That's what you say when running for Governor!
  4. Just typed the name "Ron Burkle" into my Zuma Search Engine. It's revving up a legislative review.WIll post when ready. It's a tragic comedy
  5. Tell Villaraigosa's inferior political operative spinners the City Attorney election is OVER: Villar's boy LOST! Have you NO dignity?
  6. @mrciscoadler bro, caught your profile on unkdebunk's page. RIC OCASEK, y'all! Two of my favorite legendary, innovative producers TOGETHER!
  7. @unkdebunk Thanks for the promo on the HEAT public comments from today. Better wear sunscreen. They just don't know WHAT to do?
  8. Billboard ALERT: DO NOT violate CURRENT moratorium while new City Attorney reviews law over next 90 days: If you do, you will be prosecuted!
  9. Bad News For City Hall Shady-Corruption Record number of page impressions for a weekday on my blog: http://LADailyBlog.com. Find out why!
  10. Click here for Zuma Dogg's Legendary Public Comments: http://bit.ly/3Haa02
  11. Don't like longtime Wetherly Capital (PensionGate) Attorney W. Jackson's connection as Villar's CRA Chairman. CRA invested WC pension money.
  12. Once again, ZD's LA Daily Blog weighs in with the #1 "Most Clicked" in State of California on BlogNetNews: http://LADailyBlog.com THE HEAT!
  13. Just thought: Villaraigosa likes to get risky and shady with pension money. He sits on MTA board! NEED TO LOOK INTO MTA PENSION SHADINESS!
  14. Sen Gil Cedillo mandating any extension of I-710 from LA City 1-210 MUST BE UNDERGROUND! Why? Way more expensive! More $$$ for his cronies!
  15. I've installed a LIVE Gold Chart on my blog: http://LADailyBlog.com. Consistently "MOST CLICKED" posts on BlogNetNews State and U.S. ranker!
  16. It's the city's fault for approving too much density, which allows for too many people, and now, GRAFFITI is about to BLOW UP in L.A. City!
  17. If you are a long term investor, think SERIOUSLY about buying as much GOLD stocks/ETFs as you can afford. $1000-$1800/oz, don't YOU think?
  18. Investors: Get ready for GOLD! Do not be bamboozled: Inflation is coming...can't keep printing monopoly money for bailouts. IT'S OVER! GOLD!
  19. To summarize: The pension commissioners that City Council approved, lost $7 Bil, the city is bankrupt, and now Jerry Brown is investigating!
  20. City Council's job is to approve the commissioners Villar puts in front of them. Now, they lost $7 Billion in risky & shell investments.
  21. When thinking of $7 BILLION in pension money lost on Wall St last year, I can't help but remember City Council approved EACH commissioner!
  22. With Trutanich as City Attorney, Villar-puppet Council is on ropes. I told them to HOLD an ordinance till NUCH could look at it. THEY DID!
  23. I wonder if we will be reading the stuff I blogged about over the weekend regarding NY AG Andrew Cuomo in newspapers across the world, soon?
  24. The city is going to have to seriously start embracing medical marijuana clinics to solve the $7 billion pension loss. "Pot For Pensions!"
  25. Hello!
HERE ARE MY PUBLIC COMMENTS BEFORE LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL. A bunch of shady and spineless, chump-change losers. (LOSERS of $7 Billion in people's retirement money. They gave it to Ron Burkle and Dan Weinstein and Darius Anderson.

“1. ...Mr. Zuma dogg,
“.2. ..Our next speaker is zuma dogg....”
“.3. ..Zuma dogg....”
“4....san fernando valley, zuma dogg....”
“5....Mr. Zuma dogg in the...”
.6...We'll go out to zuma dogg....”
“7....Mr. Zuma dogg in the...”Blogger: L.A. Daily Blog - Edit Post "ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT: City Council FINALLY Lis..."
“10. .And here's a Master political operative at work:

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