Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zuma Dogg's 1st Amendment/Freedom of Speech? TWITTER Update (5/31/09: 4 PM)

[Picutred: You could throw a dart and hit shadiness. HEY COUNCIL AND CITY ATTORNEY DION, Shut the F*CK up when I'm talkin' unless there is a violation of actual real law, not your dumb "just because you say say so's." CAPISHE!

You lost on Friday and will lose every time, because the law is on MY side you empty-headed, take the money and lie losers. And remember, Wendy Greuel allowed her Councilmember title to be used on an invitiation for an Andrew Cuomo fundraiser. That will become a bigger issue in weeks to come.]

# When I first came to City Hall the 1st Amendment stuff was a BIG issue, but I liked to focus on other things. But time to focus on it again.

# Badlands, you gotta live 'em every day. Let the broken heart stand as the price you gotta pay. Keep pushin till it's understood.

# I hope City Attorney TRUTANICH advises City Council that they are open to lawsuits in their operation of EACH MEETING, and they are coming.

# ZD is the 800 lb gorilla at Council meeting, so I tolerate their illegal interruptions, but with Pensiongate talk, they're going too far.

# City Hall hopes you don't know the law so they can move you away from your rights. Most people just walk away assuming they must be wrong.

# FREEDOM?: A cop at Council meeting tried to tell me I couldn't stand next to my friend as he spoke. ZD called the Captain. ZD got to stand!

# Gotta remember something, it's PRESIDENT Obama on ONE side, and Clinton/Cuomo/Burkle/Villaragiosa on the other.Which side would YOU pick?

# U.S. Government is FED up with Villar's corrupt nonsense. It's been exposed. Too blatant. Maybe they'll let him step down to avoid charges.

# My source thinks it's news that LAX gives kickback money to the City of Los Angeles. I don't know...that may be fairly well known...Is it?

# And if there is one thing that makes this new source of mine upset, it is that Jan Perry seems to quietly be getting away with WAY too much.

# Janice Hahn is probably relieved that I didn't mention her in the previous IBEW kick-back Tweet below. That's just cause I ran out of room.

# When thinking of IBEW kick-backs, the mayor would be no surprise. But Wendy Greuel has been getting a pass when discussing this topic. Why?

# I have had about five sources piling on relentless info in the PESNIONGATE scandal, but now another good source has emerged with IBEW stuff!

# CA AG Candidate Delgadillo can expect a lawsuit filed by Zuma Dogg regarding jury tampering and I'll throw in Pay-To-Play lawsuit for free!

# Speaking of Rocky Delgadilldo, can anyone say, "Pay-To-Play?" Compare the outside contracts he awarded, to his campaign money "inbox." PTP!

# Speaking of lawsuits: I'm getting ready to file one on CA Attorney General Candidate Rocktard Delgadilldo. I suspect jury tampering by Rocky!

# L.A. City Council violates the law simply in the way they run EVERY meeting. VERY CORRUPT. Any lawyers? Call, I can prove it in FED lawsuit.

# FREE SPEECH?: If L.A. City Council DOES NOT LIKE what you are saying, they will call you off topic then cut you of, then remove and ban you!

# They CALL it "freedom" but try even "standing up" for 5 seconds at an L.A. City Council meeting. If you don't ultimately sit down....ARREST!

# I really don't feel "FREE" on the streets of L.A. anymore. Cops are EVERYWHERE trying to bust you for looking the wrong way, just for the $.

# I know we need rules to maintain civility; but too many fess and fines are not because of that. Perhaps GOVT is cause of financial meltdown.

# It may seem like we have freedom because that's what they call it, but try sleeping, or even STANDING in the WRONG place and get a ticket.

# It just hit me as odd that when as a baby is born, they are saddled with debt, taxes, regulations by a corrupt "powers that be" that SAY SO!

# NATURE OF MY PROBLEM: For a guy with nothing but time, I'm always feeling pressure to keep pushing 24/7.Don't have time to change my shirt!

# The Zuma Dogg character used to be a triumphant celebration of life. (See YouTube.) But city's activist energy has tapped in and pulled me.

# I just heard some a-hole at wi-fi cafe say, "Wow, I can't even function today without my eight hours sleep." Hope an asteroid falls on him.

# I wonder if I slept in a bed every day, ate regularly and wasn't always so stressed iif my magic ZD powers would all go away? Probably not.

# Once you're this sleep deprived even things like walking 100 ft or deciding "plain or peanut" becomes difficult. Tiny decisions become hard.

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