Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Political Quick-Hits on Twitter for May 21, 2009

  1. Why would you expect State or Federal investigators to indict actual powerful elected officials when they are backed by the same boss/$$$?
  2. Federal, State and Local Government is a BUSINESS, run by BUSINESS PEOPLE, and the elected officials are there to keep it smooth for them.
  3. ZD says VILLARAIOGSA IS RUNNING for GOVERNOR but OBVIOUSLY can't announce until he is officially sworn in for second term. But, HE STILL IS!
  4. I was telling former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg about Dan Weinstein and PENSIONGATE, then found out Bob introduced Dan to CalPERS. Oops!
  5. Although NY Atty General is investigating PENSIONGATE with ties to L.A., do not expect to see an out of state official reach into City Hall.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Zuma Dogg feels Villaraigosa will not be investigated in PENSIONGATE scandal, although some people around him, YES!
  7. Councilmember Janice Hahn admitted on KNBC News she was, "pressured by City Hall to stay out of City Attorney race." She supported Trutanich
  8. PENSIONGATE UPDATE: For those of you concerned of corruption (racketeering, money laundering) at L.A. City Hall), I am told FEDS are on it.
  9. POLITICAL OPPOSITION ALERT: If you are on the wrong side of an issue or candidate in an election - YOU CANNOT SPIN YOUR WAY PAST ZUMA DOGG!
  10. I had a GREAT time at the Carmen TRUTANICH VICTORY PARTY. Partied with the District Attorney, Sheriff, City Attorney and other electeds. FUN
  11. New York Daily News linked to my blog and mentioned my coverage of PENSIONGATE in a column with names as Cumo, Kennedy, Bloomberg and Dogg!

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