Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Political Quick Tweets (ZD's TWITTER Tweets for 5/27/09)

  1. Former LA Planning Director Jane Usher is Executive Director for Trutanich transition team. Bob Hertzberg and Bob Philibosian also on team.
  2. Beware James Unger and David Jacobson.They are the 20-something political operatives working for Villaraiogsa's crew, including Jack Weiss.
  3. People have to realize I have multiple sources on stuff, but sometimes looks like one source. Tips seem to snowball then it looks like one.
  4. I don't know WHY Rocktard tenured young Ben Austin, but he has to go since he got suckered/couldn't manage his own LAUSD signature campaign.
  5. How come Ben Austin was tenured by outgoing loser Rocktard Delgadilldo? Ben's the guy who got suckered on his own LAUSD signature campaign.
  6. Who's swearing in Mayor Villaraiogsa for his second term? OH NO, I hope not the MEGA-SHADY Andrew Cuomo. Have U read about him on my blog?
  7. CITY ATTORNEY TRUTANICH: First 100 days of term will focus primarily on getting office in order & in shape to take on aggressive litigation.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: City Attorney Elect Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich announces office staffers.
  9. Wonder who's swearing in Villaraigosa for his second term? I know Villar-ally Greuel raised money for Cuomo. Maybe Cuomo is swearing him in.
  10. LOS ANGELES MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA: If you are going to be paying people to blog "hit" comments on people, I want you to disclose it!
  11. What's worse than losing $7 BILLION in city money, then finding out Villaraiogsa's appointments are being questioned for money-laundering?
  12. INVESTOR ALERT: Do not invest your own money in L.A. Villaraiogsa drove city into bankruptcy and cannot assure public safety w/ this budget.
  13. Councilman Dennis Zine, slow down. You're gonna give ZD a run for his no-money in the next mayor's race. First City Attorney, now pensions!
  14. If anyone needs me today, call. Can't hang out on internet all day fielding emails to blog. We'll see, but don't count on me checking email.
  15. I'm getting cranky: I have a TON of story to blog on Villar's Pension SHADINESS, confirmed at Council meeting, but I'm already toast at 8am.
  16. Who is in the Venice/West LA/S.Monica area that can take me to breakfast or lunch today? I just want to sit down at a restaurant and relax.
  18. I figure there is no outcome other than ZD ending up in a hospital from dropping on the street. May as well go out in a blog blaze of glory!
  19. I got SERIOUS living condition problems today. Mainly, I don't HAVE any. I'm FLAT broke, been up since 5a and NEED sleep and food. OUCH!
  20. Nothing but generic technical talk on KABC's pension segment. Could have been a segment in Boise. Not a SHRED of City Hall scandal talk.
  21. PENSIONGATE: Doug McIntyre is about to do a MORNING DRIVE radio segment on Villaraigosa pension scandal. LISTEN LIVE:
  22. Oh FUCK! It's WAY too early for Zuma Dogg to be up already. It's getting worse. I can't afford to be up this early. I REALLY need help!

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