Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Message To Controller-Elect/Cuomo Fundraiser Wendy Greuel, Better Call Antonio About His Blog Trolls!

[Pictured: Controller Wendy Greuel's "Controller." He just LOOKS like a pompous punk, doesn't he? He's not talking so big now. Now shut up and sit down with all this Governor talk. Why are people even still asking?]

Hey Wendy,

Let's keep this short and simple. Based on the readership of my blog (WHO is reading, from across the country, these days), I think the LAST things any local politician wants, is to be popping up on this blog in my coverage of "money-laundering" and the politicians whose hands are dirtier than an auto mechanics. Pay-to-Play is OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL at City Hall...AND Zuma Dogg says it's pretty hard to WIN controller without getting your hands even EXTRA dirty. And then you end up having to run around putting your Councilmember title and name on Andrew Cuomo fundraisers, and Zuma Dogg is even scared to blog about the stuff Andrew Cuomo is involved with.

So again, based on my recent readership and jobs the people have who are now reading, I think the LAST thing ANY Villaraigosa ally wants IS ATTENTION ON THIS BLOG!

And the best way to get it Wendy "Greuesom" Greuel, is to have The Mayor of Los Angeles (Antonio Villaraiogsa) have professional and paid spin-trolls posting propaganda (which to me is what lies attached to half told truths is called) against an un-professional, non-elected official.

I know and recognize the difference between credible opposing posts against me, and when the objective is to make sure non-factual lies are part of it, in an attempt to smear a potential city council candidate...ME!

WENDY, you should get on the phone and tell Antonio his boy-trolls have crossed the line again, so that means Zuma Dogg is more willing to remind you to please keep your son out of the horseshoe during City Council meetings. He is a minor and a child, and the horseshoe of the City Council meeting is no place for an unattended five year old to be running around the councilmembers' desks, shuffling important papers around, and throwing things around and causing three councilmembers during the meeting to have to try and "manage" the kid.

POINT IS: If you want to turn the council chambers into "bring your kid to work day" try to arrange to have a supervisor/babysitter controlling him...even if you have to use one of your paid city hall staffers. As someone who cares about kids and the future, it does no good to allow a kid to run around, undisciplined, behaving like that. It catches up with you in teen years and into adulthood. And this lack of being able to take control has been an issue I have had with you, all along, and now you are controller so I am very concerned about your habits and abilities if you cannot even control your own kid.

Thanks, and tell Antonio to keep his trolls in line. There are rules to the game. But like the young gang members out there, these days, these young trolls do not understand, either. So that makes ME not understand.


Based on what I have read about Andrew and his ties to flat-out and total corruption, including the possible surpression of treasonist/terrorist actions against the United States (YES, I WENT THERE), I would not be standing next to this guy for political help, son...And I wouldn't be raising money for him with my "ELECTED" title either, Ms. Wendy "CUOMO FUNDRAISER" GREUEL!


Watch Wendy endorse Chris Essel for CD 2. How do I know? Chris is an LAX commissioner and you can't get anything done at LAX without "seeing" Wendy, first. So I'm sure they go "way" back. But mostly, because Chris Essel is the candidate being touted by Dick Ziman of Wetherly Capital Fame. You know Wethery Capital? They are the ones being investigated by just about every investigative agency in the United States of America. (The pension-loss and pay-to-play people.) So if THEY are backing Chris, you can be sure Wendy will be backing her to. Wendy also endorsed Jack Weiss in campaign fliers. And supports Andrew Cuomo...AND, is the mayor's #1 ally at City Hall, now that Jackass is out.

I'm not so sure Wendy is as sweet as some of the folks in S-T may believe. But she DOES have that adorable haircut, and knows when to throw the chumps a bone, where it counts to keep the rest of this covered up and un-noticed.

Anyway, thanks to the Villar-troll who brought all this up in the comment section of Mayor Sam's blog, today. I think it was/will be worth it.

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