Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rocky Delgadilldo Sticks It To L.A. City Taxpayers on the way out the door. (He'll be lucky to stay out of prision once he leaves office,)

Nothing sickens me more when I think about the the important challenges being faced by City Attorney elect Carmen Trutanich and his office than what a corrupt, douchebag that clown-ass joker Rocky Delgadilldo is and how he stuck it to the city and taxpayers on his way out the door. I would bet he ends up in prison before any elected office, ever again, even though the arrogant clown is making a jackass out of himself by running for Attorney General. (HE WILL LOSE. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED AND HE IS MAKING A MOCKERY OF HIMSELF BY EVEN RUNNING.]

Hey Villaraiogsa: You have to fire thousands of people. I know the first 12. The dead-weight, taxpayer human anvils who already sunk one city attorney's office. It's called his tenured losers who are about to become the highest paid city attorney office sanitation workers since they have no shame, or dignity, or pride and will work upside down, hanging off the roof if they can still collect a paycheck while doing nothing. But in this case, these clowns are worse than nothing.

The city is in a crisis, they are part of the problem, thousands of people are going to be fired, Villaraigosa...get in there when you are renegotiating with the unions, and give them the names of the first dead-weight, do-nothing losers. Start in alphabetical order, with "A" for Ben "I can't get 500 signatures citywide, how do you expect me to do anything" Austin.

Hey Ben, what's this about "Senator Cox: "Scathing Audit Confirms Rob Reiner, First Five Commission Violated State Laws." Yeah, you're the type of guy Los Angeles taxpayers want to keep paying for now that Delgadillo is out of office and out of power...FOREVER. (Why don't the two of you start of law firm. Loser and Dumb Shady Puppet ASSociates. [Keywords: Steve Barr, Green Do, Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Hire Ben Austin, please.]

Trutanich to inherit top Delgadillo shady fuck-ups

From LA Times:

With budget cuts looming, many who worked for the outgoing city attorney have been given job protection. Several have relatively high salaries.
By Rich Connell
7:16 PM PDT, June 7, 2009
Job protections arranged for termed-out Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo's inner circle of aides could complicate his successor's effort to take charge of the office just as the city grapples with major budget cuts, records and interviews show.

Typically, several top members of the city attorney's staff are political appointees. They serve without job protections and leave with the elected official. Indeed, earlier in his term, a number of Delgadillo's key aides served without job protections, including a previous chief of staff, top legal assistants and a communication director.

But in recent years, all of Delgadillo's top staffers have been placed on tenure tracks, allowing them to secure civil service-like job protection rights. The aides, typically paid between $100,000 to $200,000 annually, hope to retain their current positions or serve in other assignments after City Atty.-elect Carmen Trutanich takes office, said Delgadillo's communication director, Nick Velasquez.

The office's senior legal aides are highly qualified and experienced, said Velasquez, who has received tenure and plans to stay.

Delgadillo "thinks the city is lucky to have such top-flight attorneys working tirelessly on city residents' behalf," he said. "That's why they were tenured."

Trutanich's key transition advisors were delving into the hiring and budget issues last week and had just begun to ask questions.

"How many . . . of the [top aides] that the city attorney did bring into the office remain and in what positions?" asked Bill Carter, a former federal prosecutor Trutanich has picked to head his city staff. "And what impacts does that have on the ability of the new city attorney to do what he needs to do?"

When Delgadillo took office in 2001, several of former City Atty. James K. Hahn's senior aides -- including chief of staff Tim McOsker -- moved with Hahn to the mayor's office. But Velasquez said most of Hahn's top appointees remained in the city attorney's office with tenure, which he portrayed as normal. He said city attorneys are allowed to appoint aides as either tenured or nontenured employees.

One complicating factor in the current transition, several observers noted, is that Delgadillo is not moving to another political office, where he could take some top appointees.

Also, Trutanich is entering office in a far darker time than his predecessors. There is a citywide hiring freeze. Trutanich may have to seek permission to appoint aides from a special cost-control panel. And with the office's top jobs filled, he also may need additional salary allocations from the mayor and City Council, just as the ravages of recession are forcing furloughs, job reductions and service cuts.

Paying for up to eight senior Trutanich appointees, as authorized under the City Charter, could cost $1 million a year or more. Velasquez said Delgadillo's staff is working to help secure the resources Trutanich's team needs and hopes to resolve the matter before the new city attorney is sworn in July 1.

But which and how many positions Trutanich will be able to fill is not yet clear.

Trutanich was not available for comment.

At this point, only Delgadillo and Ann D'Amato, a top advisor working as a $175,000-a-year contractor, are leaving the office, records and interviews show.

Among those planning to stay are chief of staff Richard Llewellyn, an attorney paid a little less than $205,000 annually; chief administrative and financial officer Jennifer Krieger, paid $144,000; assistant city attorney who couldn't even get 500 signatures for his OWN LAUSD campaign, but he is tenured (how good at anything can he be if he can't even do that, but he is entitled and tenured so he can fuck up all day long Ben Austin, a political consultant and part-time advisor paid $89,000; and Velasquez, who is paid $118,000. Currently, only one position is authorized for each of the job classifications held by Llewellyn and Krieger.

With tenure, they and other employees have seniority rights and can be dismissed only for cause.

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