Sunday, June 21, 2009

VIDEO CLASSIC: Zuma Dogg Introduces Carmen Trutanich To LA Daily Blog Readers

I was just researching some stuff on YouTube and came across this video that I don't even think I looked at since it was first posted. It's ZD introducing Carmen Trutanich to LA DAILY BLOG readers. It was at one of the Casa Princesa events, in November when the City Attorney election was just getting under way and all we knew at the time was that we didn't want Jack Weiss. Carmen looked a little nervous at first, but I like this insight into his office that has been an underlying theme all along.

Interestingly, John Shalman who ran Trutanich's campaign, is running Villaraigosa/Greuel machine candidate Chirs "Paramount, not the community" Essel who was Villar's LAX commissioner appointment who was going to do such great stuff, only this past January '09, a mere five months ago. Now, THAT'S commitment and dedication. (Or maybe just a resume bolster for her to run for Council and be backed by Wendy under the Team Villar political operative headquarters. Looks like ZD and Shalman won't be pushing the same way, this time. But, ahhhhhhhh the good memories of THIS fine Saturday in Eagle Rock/Highland Park.

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