Friday, July 24, 2009

Call Zuma Dogg (213-785-7272) If You Are In SUNLAND-TUJUNGA Area To Help ZD Gather Signatures

It's going good, and looks like it's more of a matter of how many OVER the 500 signatures I will be turning in on Monday to get on the ballot in the CD 2 election. I have people out in the district all weekend and looks like I might squeek by.

IF YOU ARE IN SUNLAND-TUJUNGA AREA (or can get there) TONIGHT OR ANYTIME THIS WEEKEND, call Big ZD at 213, 785-7272 and I will tell you where to go. There are people in the area with petitions to give you, if you are a registered voter ANYWHERE in L.A. City's 15 districts. (You can gather, even if you do not live in the district.)


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