Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mayor Villaraiogsa Notifies (Punishes) EAA Union With Furloughs (For Not Making Compromises They Are Not Required To Take) And More Inside Union Talk


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I was wondering if you could talk about/look into something for me... WTF is going on with the battle between the unions in this city? And why is the city punishing only one city union (EAA) with furloughs? My husband is city worker and a member of the Engineers and Architects Union. Yesterday, at 2:30 p.m., they were notified by e-mail from the Interim City Administrative Officer that because EAA is not a member of the City Coalition of Unions ( and have not made the compromises that SEIU has) EAA union members would be starting furlough days next week. They are the only employees in the city being made to take furloughs. That isn't right. We've got kids and bills to pay for gods sake.

Here's a link to the city memo SEIU local 721 put up:

and links to EAA memo:

For years, SEIU has been trying to pressure the men and women of EAA to join SEIU and become a members of the City Coalition of Unions. Well, the engineers and architects are just fine, thank-you, with their small union and recently most MOU classes in EAA voted not to join SEIU, despite heavy--and I mean HEAVY-- lobbying of employees by SEIU. And baby, did that piss off SEIU. So now, SEIU has negotiated away any pay raises for two years and caved into Villairaigosa's demands for higher contributions to the city's retirement plan. EAA, fought hard to earn their measly 3% Cola this year, and previously worked several years with no pay raises and no contract. That's why EAA is now being stubborn about giving up the only pay raises they've had in years.

SEIU is all to happy to see EAA punished for not becoming members of the coalitions of unions and be subjected to furloughs. Aren't unions supposed to be for working folks. Instead our city unions are engaged in pissing contests with each other, while the mayor fritters away tax payer dollars on his own city inauguration, and pretty parades for basketball players. (And no, I don't believe those parade expenses were totally paid for by private donors!)

Don't get me wrong Bob Aquino is no saint either. My husband voted to join SEIU, but after seeing their bullying tactics up close and personal he won't be voting to join them should that opportunity ever come up again.

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