Friday, July 10, 2009

Zuma Dogg Files As City Council Candidate in CD2 Election: Will Be Getting Signatures This Month Near YOU!

I guess Wetherly Capital ain't gonna back me...

Today, former candidate for Los Angeles Mayor, Zuma Dogg, filed as candidate for the upcoming City Council District 2 (CD2) election coming up this September 22, 2009.

It's easy to file as a candidate, which I just did. NOW, Zuma Dogg, AND ALL THE CANDIDATES have to get 500 qualified signatures in the district by Monday July 27th. During my mayoral candidacy, I got nearly all the signatures myself.

But this time, there is less time to get them, and you can't get them citywide, as I was able to for mayor. ALL the signatures must be from registered voters in the CD 2 district.
So less time and a MUCH smaller territory. So nothing is a given.

But I have ONE person who is going to head over to CD2 tomorrow (Saturday) to get signatures, along with Zuma Dogg himself, who is not to good to pound pavement and get as many as he can himself

It's gonna be a tough one. So basically, more than asking for money at this point; if you want to see "Zuma Dogg" on the ballot as YOUR next Los Angeles City Councilmember...AND YOU REALLY WANT TO GET MY NAME ON THE me at 213-785-7272 or email and I can meet you and give you some sheets to get filled out with signatures.

I'll spend a lot of time on this blog letting you know what I want to do as Councilmember and what it would mean to the City of Los Angeles as a whole and CD2 as a community.

But for you NEW folks tuning into the blog since the mayoral election, this past March; here's a K-EARTH 101, blast for the past.

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