Monday, July 6, 2009

Zuma Dogg Monday TWITTER (1pm Edition): Beware PAID Political Consultants in CD 2 City Council Election

  1. City of L.A. PLUM NEWS: New CD5 CM Paul Koretz has been named to replaced outgoing Jack Weiss on Reyes' PLUM (Planning) Committee.
  2. Zuma Dogg Issues Opinion on City of L.A. Being Stuck With Tab for Michael Jackson Memorial: (You're gonna HATE ME!)
  3. ZUMA DOGG is in his Downtown Los Angeles Headquarters, near City Hall, so if you are in the area and would like to meet, call me.
  4. To people I've discussed about Councimember (CM) allegedly caught on video in bad light: Haven't seen yet, but source seems credible. ???
  5. Zuma Dogg,The Early Years: Just typed up my history/bio:
  6. So dizzy/tired everything looks double like in 3-D movie. Better stay off 405. Couldn't perform at Venice. Looks like Karaoke is out, too.
  7. Oh no...I'm outside without a TV and missed the new Hannah Montana episode. Hope someone posts it on YouTube. Maybe Hulu?
  8. City IS stuck with burden of paying for the M Jackson memorial at Staples cause they cannot prevent masses from gathering, so they're stuck.
  9. Does anyone know about a FDIC program offering loans to subprimers so they can pay banks and everyone is happy? If so, send link to details.
  10. ZD is non-partisan but CA Democrats sound naive/unrealistic when they say NO school cuts AND no new taxes and can't find $1 to cut anywhere.
  11. Schwarzenegger willing to reconsider proposal to cut school spending that would require suspension of constitutional rules to help budget.
  12. Was THINKING of Essel for CD2 cause Shalman, who ran Nuch's campaign, is running her's. But his only motif is who pays big $, not integrity.
  13. The difference between ZD pushing a candidate and someone like Shalman (paid manager) is HE will work for EITHER SIDE, whoever pays. Not ZD!
  14. If someone comes to ZD and says, "I'll hire you to help push me as a candidate." I would only do that if I would do it for free anyway.
  15. You might say, "Shalman backed Nuch for City Attorney: Who is he pushing this time?" WHO CARES? He bases who he backs on whoever pays him.
  16. If a political consultant backed a candidate you like in ONE election, it means NOTHING for next election: Only based on who's paying them.
  17. Saw Pretty-boy/Gucci wearing/needing to be bathed in luxury/punk-ass Fabian Nunez. Said he doesn't know me, so guess I can blog what I want.

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