Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Ranks Top 5 (Once Again) in BlogNetNews STATEWIDE Ranker (No other L.A. Blog In Top 5, Sorry!)

ZD's LA Daily Blog TOP 5 on BNN Again:

Weekly Influence Index (California Statewide Ranker of 100 News Blogs)

OC Progressive (1)
Calitics (2)
Orange Juice (2)
California Progress Report (4)
L.A. Daily Blog (5)

Notice how no other L.A. blogs are in the Top 5.

ZUMA DOGG CD2 SIGNATURE GATHERING UPDATE: Aw yeah! Looks pretty good. Have OVER 500...into the 600's when I left this evening, while I still had two people gathering for me. So, looks like I'll be turing in over 800...maybe 900 depending on who shows up tomorrow to help ZD. Botttom line: I'm always nervous about this stuff, but all the signatures look to be from inside the CD2 district, which is the toughest part, cause the district is gerrymandered against 3 other districts. So at this point, it feels pretty good. I even have all of Monday, right up until 5pm, and you don't have to show up until 5pm to hand them in at the clerks office. (You don't even have to show up at 4:55pm. YOU HAVE RIGHT UNTIL 5pm.) Now of course ZD won't cut it THAT close, but if I have less than 800 at the end of the evening on Sunday...I WILL PUT EVERYONE OUT ON MONDAY MORNING, UNTIL 2pm...3pm...probably don't have the cajones to head to the Clerks Office much past 3pm. So I'll probably do "clean up" signatures Monday until 2pm. Thanks to everyone who helped...and the BAD NEWS IS...I have to pay for signatures that are gathered, and will still be gathered. So please make a donation to help pay for some of these, cause it's possible I won't even be able to turn them in unless some people step up and help pay for them between now and Monday. (But that's better than having to donate money for ZD to try and get them, himself. So if you think it is worth it to pay for "already gathered" signatures, since it looks like I am going to make it...hit the PayPal button on this blog, or call me to drop off a donation. (It doesn't count as a campaign contribution and does not have to be disclosed to Ethics, so you can remain anonymous.

"ANTI-VILLARAIGOSA CANDIDATE" SLOGAN WORKS MAGIC FOR ZUMA DOGG: Oh wow...three years ago when I started as an activist and people looked at Zuma Dogg like he really was crazy when he would tell people how shady and what a loser of a Mayor, Anotnio Villaraigosa is. He was still new in office and although harcore inside activists knew...word hadn't spread to the masses yet, in a way that triggers "boooooooooooos" with even a stadium of Lakers fans. So here's an interesting tale from the road of Zuma Dogg signature gathering over these past few days...

When I say, "Can you sign my petition for city council?", many times people will just shrug and keep walking. When I started tagging it with, "Villaragiosa is running three candidates in the area and I'm the grass roots guy," THEY WOULD LITERALLY STOP IN THEIR TRACKS AND PULL A U-TURN AND BOOGIE BACK OVER TO UNCLE MC ZUMA DOGG!!!

I AM TELLING YOU...THEY WANT TO STRING THIS GUY UP BY HIS MICKEY MOUSE EARS. Not that it matters, cause he isn't running for office...but WORD TO YA MUTHA on the "anti-Villaraigosa" strategy being the magic-miracle that is converting casual non-give-a-shitters, into "Where do I signers."'s hilarious and a SUPER-DUPER eye opener. I am not underestimating the value of, "Can you sign my petition for city council...VILLARAIOGSA IS RUNNING THREE CANDIDATES AND I'M THE GRASS ROOTS GUY. (Do not deviate from script!)

SHADY AS HELL SEIU BACKS BURBANK'S PAUL KRAKORIAN FOR CD2: If you want to know who NOT to vote for, you can usually just look at who SEIU is endorsing, then cross THAT one off the list. In this case it's Paul Krackrian, of Burbank, who is running for CD2 City Council, strangely, even though he is currently Burbank Assemblymember??? Anyway, SEIU endorses him...or WILL BE ENDORSING HIM (not sure if they announced it yet). So I guess Paul will be finishing about fourth.

REMEMBER...hit the PayPal or call to meet me to give me some cash to pay for the signatures that have already been gathered and will be gathered on Sunday and Monday to get me into the 800-900 range needed to comfortably get the 500 verified signatures due on Monday.

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