Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg For City Council: Zuma Dogg Answers YOUR Questions!

Q: I have a question for Zuma. Will you continue to be rude if you're elected?

You have shown you are confrontational. And that's good in some instances. But can you convince me that you're going to be collaborative with your city council colleagues?"

A: That's a perfectly fair and reasonable question. Here's all I can say. First of you, you never know what you are going to get with ANY candidate once they get into office. But regarding your question regarding my performance:

Up until now, I have been ZD the Xtreme Gadfly, and I have been going against hardcore shadiness (dare I call it conspired corruption) and the people in charge don't play around, and you may get a phone call or two once in a while trying to scare you away, or whatever.

And CITY COUNCIL has the deck stacked ALL IN THEIR FAVOR, and you DO NOT get a fair shake and they DO NOT have to listen or take you seriously, so EXCUSE ME if I have to turn into the HULK when they deserve it, as my role as gadfly. LOOK, if I went up there and spoke softly and politely, I wouldn't have cut through and had this impact.

AS COUNCILMEMBER, I assure you, as someone who likes to keep gaining momentum and wants to please the public and DO NOT want to end up tanking in disgrace...

MY CHALLENGE AND GOAL WILL BECOME TO REFLECT THE TONE THAT THE PEOPLE WANT AS COUNCILMEMBER. And that is not the same as what they like (and secretly like) about Zuma Dogg. PLUS, I won't have to shout over Eric Garcetti when he takes my time for no reason because I'll be councilmember, AND, if he WERE to make a mistake or give me a hard time, I wouldn't be able to start yelling. I MEAN...COMMON...I ASSURE YOU I WOULD NOT BE GOING "ZUMA DOGG" ON THEIR ASSES. It wouldn't be accepted by the people, and I would feel like a FOOL.

AND, remember, the term is a year and a half (under two years) so it's actually the perfect opportunity, cause if it was all a big mistake, even without a recall, it won't be long before it's time to vote me out.

So it's a good "trial councilmembership."

AND, one CM called me a "prophet." Another one "a genius." Another one said, "Damn, ZD, what do you do, sit there 18 hours a day and study this stuff?" (After ZD shredded CMs last minute item.) Others talk to me because they know I ALWAYS want to listen to them if they think I am wrong. And a lot of ZD opposition will tell you I search out BOTH sides of the issue and check stuff out with the opposition, too.

AND, like in radio, you might not like that ZD was hired and you have to work with him. But people's careers are on the line, and so is the city, and when ZD is hitting em up with stuff that will make THEM look good, they don't care what color the life preserver is. YOU'LL SEE!

And I think I have shown, even to the people I am attacking from the other side of the rope, seem to feel that ZD's a good guy, and you can reason with him, and even get him to back off or change his opinion if you are able to really convince him with not just B.S.-spin. And he might get mad at you one second, but if he likes what you say the next second, he'll be touting how great your comments are, or whatever. (NO GRUDGES.) And again, A CM said, "Stunned and amazed" in LA Times about me when I walked in the door. Wouldn't it be GREAT if we were all FORCED to work together at the decision of the people (a vote).

THEN, OH NO...Zuma Dogg would have to get back to the responsible life he once lived as a successful innovative, trailblazing radio executive and he would have to shave and act like a corporate executive again (where I didn't behave this way) == AND COUNCIL WILL BE FORCED TO FIND OUT HOW BENEFICIAL I WILL BECOME TO THEIR CAREERS AS I AM ABLE TO PROVIDE SOME CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. They're gonna LOVE me!
It's gonna be the best experience of their life. History has proven that, and I can't wait to start proving it to everyone!


Vote for David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) on Sept 22, 2009.

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