Monday, August 17, 2009

Zuma Dogg Will Let The Whole City Know What A PHONY That PHONY Tamar Galatzan Is Tonight on KRLA Radio w/Kevin James

RUMOR MILL?: Is Eric Garcetti taking a trip to China with his boy Antonio Villaraigosa during the council hiatus? They are on break until Tuesday Sept 1, 2009 when Zuma Dogg will return to continue to campaign for free on City TV 35.

IRON WORKERS NOT HAPPY WITH VILLARAIGOSA: Throw in the Iron Workers Union with all the other unions who are DONE with Antonio. The significance of the Iron Workers being pissed is that they are a good indicator of “jobs coming down the pike” because the jobs start with iron. Currently, there are no jobs in the (iron) works for two years, ZD hears. So for those of you wondering which way the wind will be blowin’ up and down Ventura Blvd in ZD’s CD2 district…looks like it’ll be blowin’ tumble weeds. Don’t blame ZD for breakin’ the bad news, but when Council gets back from vacation, I hope they start to get serious about a few things and worry less about Pony Shows and Presentations.

ZUMA DOGG ON KEVIN JAMES MONDAY 9:30PM (870 AM-KRLA): Zuma Dogg will be calling into Kevin James radio show on Monday night (tonight) at 9:30pm to discuss the CD2 City Council election and to hammer away at the phony candidates Krackwhorian, Galatzan and Essel. Sorry Joe B., Tamar is backed by Villaraigosa and the mayor gave Tamar his staffer to be her campaign manager and she has the same political operatives spinning for her that brought you “Jack Weiss for City Attorney”; and Tamar makes no bones that she is, “still a strong supporter of Jack Weiss” – and she already proved she will hop in the getaway car with the mayor and take his $2 million to become his puppet candidate at LAUSD. I know, I know…she had a big falling out with the mayor and is going to be so independent when she gets into office and will stand up to the mayor, and the mayor will say, “Sure Tamar! No problem! I spent $2 million to get you on the LAUSD school board to “launch” your political career and have you get to know everyone so you can have support for when I back you as a City Councilmember in CD2 and I gave you my staffer to run your campaign, and my paid trolls spinning for you. SURE NO PROBLEM TAMAR. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH YOU TELLING ME TO SHOVE IT! (Do you really think the mayor is gonna take that from her? Did you see what he did to the Fire Chief and Building and Safety Heads? HOW INDEPENDENT DO YOU THINK TAMAR IS GOING TO BE? Sure, she might be better than Reyes on some things, and may occasionally throw some community bone out there to keep the “Joe B.’s” out there happy and quiet. But when it comes to funneling money into all the wrong places; or letting Garcetti run away with the district’s share of HUD money and handing it over to his own people; or all the other big ticket shady stuff…DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE IS GOING TO ROCK THE BOAT???HELL NAW! The second Tamar Galatzan is City Councilmember, instead of Zuma Dogg, is the day you hear the biggest fucking cheer out of Antonio’s office and the Fourth Floor (Council offices) because STAUS QUO WILL BE MAINTAINED!!! THE BOAT WILL NOT BE ROCKED!!! BUSINESS WILL CARRY ON AS USUAL.

But hey! It’s campaign season and Tamar is out there kissing your ass and telling you how big and powerful you are and how she simply just MUST have you take her around the district and help educate her because she cares so much about YOU, and your area, and realizes how powerful and effective you are as a community leader and she just MUST have you help her. She is reaching out. You will be able to hop over the rope and talk to her ANYTIME once she is elected, because SHE MEANS EVERYTHING SHE IS SAYING, RIGHT NOW!

No..actually, nothing will change and city hall will let out a HUGE sigh of relief if Tamar Galatzan is City Councilmember instead of Zuma Dogg. But you just HAVE to suck up to power and after all, Tamar is a real, live LAUSD boardmember and she isn’t as bad as Chris Essel. Hey, she may be the same old, same old…but at least she isn’t Chris Essel, and I guess I can just forget the fact that she is walking away from her LAUSD commitment, and all the parents she just got to know, and all the time it took getting caught up to speed and all the time and money it will take to fill the position, and start all over again (that doesn’t help kids or parents or student achievement); and forget the fact she had no problem taking the mayor’s money and going along for the ride with him; or that she’s using the mayor’s staffer as he campaign manager and Jack Weiss political operatives. At least she’s not Chris Essel and she kissed your ass just like all these other machine candidates.

BUT IF EVERYONE WHO SAID THAT PUSHED FOR ZUMA DOGG...HE’D MAKE THE RUN-OFF. Don’t waste your vote of the lesser of three evils when the most experienced and informed person on the ballot is the person who will stand up and shake it all up and continue to do what I have been doing anyway, but with the REAL LEVERAGE of being Garcetti and Alarcon’s equal as CM.

DON’T WASTE YOUR VOTE ON TAMAR GALATZAN WHEN YOU CAN VOTE FOR ZUMA DOGG WHO IS BETTER THAN TAMAR ANYWAY IN EVERY WAY THAT MATTERS AS A YOUR COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE. SHE TOOK MONEY TO GET WHERE SHE IS…SO WHAT? DOES THAT MAKE HER TALENTED? WHY DOES ANYONE THINK SHE IS BETTER THAN ME TO BE YOUR COUNICLMEMBER? I MEAN REALLY? WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT HER? WHY DO YOU THINK SHE WILL BE BETTER THAN ZUMA DOGG? Because she’s married to Brendan Huffman and has their little “power couple” thing going on and she went along with the mayor at LAUSD to warm her up for the CD2 Council seat? If Tamar knows ANYTHING about Council, beside what she learned from Jack Weiss and Antonio, maybe she at least learned some things by watching Zuma Dogg over the past three years. I’D LIKE TO DEBATE TAMAR GALATZAN ONE ON ONE WITHOUT HER SPEECHWRITERS WRITITNG THINGS OUT FOR HER IN ADVANCE! And remember Tamar Galatzan speechwriters…when you start to try and copy Zuma Dogg with the things you say, I can go back and show where I blogged it already, so try and come up with your own material.

Anyway, if everyone who would actually LIKE to see Zuma Dogg in that Council seat to start with the REAL change would VOTE for Zuma Dogg, instead of throwing your vote to the defensive “at least he/she is better than Essel” – ZD WILL MAKE THE RUN-OFF. Otherwise, you are giving the mayor EXACTLY what he wants…a three way shell game where HE wins, either way, and you lose the seat to the machine. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY YOU HAVE A GRASS ROOTS CANDIDATE WHO ACTUALLY HAS A SHOT, DUE TO EXISTING NAME RECOGNITION…ISN’T A JOKE WHEN IT COMES TO THE ISSUES…AND IS AS COMMUNITY ORIENTED AS YOU CAN GET.

Why would you vote for Paul, Chris or Tamar when you can vote for Zuma?

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