Friday, September 4, 2009

Local Political Blog Reader Weighs In On MOMENTUM of "Zuma Dogg For City Council" Campaign

[Pictured: All this "hoopla" over THIS guy? YES, and FOR GOOD REASON!]

Anonymous said...


part of the issue is that we know
of other bloggers submitting
favorable praises of you emailed
to Mayor Sam over a long while now
too many of us do not see them.

we know you can use all the votes
you can get that is why we think
it is best to let you be aware
of this pressing issue.

we can post all the nice praises
emailing them only to you
on your blog.

then if you should show them on
your blog those that are not
for you like petra kristen and
others will mock it and twist it.

the important thing is that you
have supporters here and there but
mayor sam needs to play fair.

many of us are passing the good
word about you your blogging and
your voluntary career at the la
city council meaning and how long
you have been influential there
side by side with the corrupt
policy makers.

it is good to hear they are not
denying you anymore & that they're
starting to feel the heat as your
getting closer and closer in their
sacred space.

the more people care to put
out the good word in your favor
now the better you stand to win

zuma be cautious of petra kristen.
they are showing their true colors to
too many of us from different social
circles here in la interested in
voting for the best cd 2 candidate
many of course leaning more and
more towards you.

hey for too many of us this is
no time to play games with the
voters who take the time to
learn about the la politics and
candidate race and who are making
time to blog. we are all too
very busy to play games seriously.

bias game players who have blogs
who say they are serious are a joke
and they only make a mockery of
politic blogs, showing themselves to
the voter community.

zuma your blog is tops with many
because your bashing the corrupt
posers of la political circles.

may you succeed where others have
and are failing.

we believe that there must surely
be a short circuit in her brain
that is not connecting with the
rest of the brain neurons not well.

you know alarcon already feels you
won. hopefully the rest of the la
council and mayor can see that the
joke is on them.

we look forward to seeing your
partner in crime matt dowd soon too
playing the la council like a yo-yo.

your postings to day are full of
good information.


September 4, 2009 9:58 PM

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