Monday, September 14, 2009

CD 2 Valley To Village Blog (Paul Hatfield) Weighs In On Budget Meeting with "Dogg Bites Wendy" Headline (I LIKE THAT HEADLINE!)

Paul, thanks for that headline! "DOGG BITES WENDY" (from the Valley to Village blog). I gotta frame that! After I spoke, Wendy followed-up with a comment in her defense that everything she said was approved by the City to say. (In response to my re-quoting of her comments on the budget with words like, "worse before it gets better.")But thanks to CD 2's Paul Hatfield for noticing my comments today during the Budget and Finance Committee Meeting this afternoon. (Just killin' time till the candidate forum tonight.)

Dogg Bites Wendy

I have been peeking in on the live video feed and I must say Zuma Dogg made a powerful statement, in no uncertain terms, demanding that the Council eliminate unproductive departments.

This strategy is long overdue.

Too bad Wendy Greuel never considered it when she was on the Budget and Finance Committee, but then she probably does not know how to balance her check book; and she’s the Controller now!

Wendy wholeheartedly supported the Early Retirement Incentive Plan when it was approved by the Council in June, just another example of her Madoffian financial ethics. Doggian Economics is far more preferable and realistic.

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