Monday, September 14, 2009

HUGE Day for Zuma Dogg's City Council Candidacy

THANKS TO PAUL HATFIELD'S "VALLEY TO VIEW" BLOG FOR NOTICING ZUMA DOGG'S COMMENTS AT BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE: Thanks to CD 2's Paul Hatfield of "Valley to View" blog for noticing Zuma Dogg's public comments at today's (Monday's) special Budget and Finance Committee meeting that was broadcast on TV 35 and went from 1pm to over 7p, from what I am told. (Was in the CD2 Sherman Oaks candidate forum at that point). Paul liked what ZD had to say regarding the budget and what I think will be happening/need to happen.

THEN, tonight (after a nice round of public comments, as televised on the special Monday City TV 35 broadcast); and after another successful City Council forum (Sherman Oaks NC),where ZD REALLY let loose on Tamar, Chirs and Paul (I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, AND THE ZD CAME OUT FOR A VISIT TO LET THE CROWD REALLY KNOW ABOUT THOSE THREE, ESPECIALLY TAMAR FOR HER MASTER DECEITFULNESS); I was listening to Kevin James on 870-KRLA and he mentioned Paul's blog post and made mention of Paul's reference to my comments at the meeting.

So ZD called into Kevin and gave him the LIVE version of my public comment from today's "Budget and Finance" meeting letting the audience know it will require unions giving back 10% since the mayor wrote a check he can't cash -- and 10% of SOMETHING is better than 100% of NOTHING (when union brothers and sisters are being fired and the city is losing services), so I hope the union remembers they ARE a "UNION" and not an "INDIVIDUALS" and give 10% back so EVERYONE can remain working, without loss of jobs and services...AND, entire departments of beuaracratic waste will have to be eliminated, because it takes too long to fire people and it eats into any savings. The only way to do it is to eliminate departments, and then the people can be taken off the payroll, that way. AND TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, according to Controller Wendy Greuel who warned Council "it is going to get worse before it gets better," and that the city is operating at a $1 million a day deficit -- and will be taking in less than expected and they can't touch the reserve fund, and someone who watched the whole meeting emailed me and said it sounded like they were spinning their wheels in quicksand.

THEN, a caller calls in and says to Kevin, "Ya know, I didn't know about that Zuma Dogg at first, but...(really say very, very nice things about what I have been saying publicly for a while now).

AND THEN, Kevin added some very nice comments about the things I have said, and how I have evolved from my original hip-hop persona when he did overnights on the other station.

It was as nice of a call from a random caller and a very nice follow up from Kevin where he DEFINITELY went to bat for his long-time caller, Zuma Dogg. And overall, it was about as sweet of a moment as I've had in a long time. (Tuning in and hearing a random caller pile on some pretty nice comments, with Kevin adding on more.)

AND THEN, I CHECKED MY EMAIL AND GOT THIS: Been a fan of yours for years, and just wanted to thank you for getting me involved in the process. You may not win the city council seat, but regardless you probably will never know how many people you influenced and inspired to become involved. I am embarrassed to say, but I never voted for City Council or any aspect of local government. Because of watching your dedication, perseverance and influence, I went down and registered at the LA County Registrar so I can vote and participate in the process. On the way out, there was a group of people gathering signatures for some questionable ballot measure movement. They wanted me to sign their petition and I asked "Is this an initiative or a referendum?". In Zumadogg style, I knew what I was talking about and the signature girl said, "Oh wow, you really know your stuff" and shirked away. Yes I do, and in part because of Zumadogg. Knowledge really is power and Zuma, whether you win or not your influence is farther reaching than even you know. Good luck in CD-2.

NOT A BAD DAY AS AN ACTIVIST/CANDIDATE: Bonus MONDAY edition of Zuma Dogg public comment on the most important budget issue before the city, a candidate forum (I got about the best feedback of all the forums, even though I felt it was tough to score many points in the one minute time limit for all questions); Valley blog noticing my comments from the budget meeting; Kevin James picking up on that blog post, opening the door for me to call in and give my budget speech again; a caller calls in and pays me a very nice tribute; and I got the email posted above (plus all the other blog comments and emails and phone messages today.)

The past three years of ZD at City Hall feels like a decade and it's been a miserable experience, each and every day. But this past month of this City Council campaign has been great for Zuma Dogg the activist in the community, and there's a chance the community will reject enough of these Big 3 turkeys that ZD makes it in the run-off with the lesser of three evils.

UPDATE: Here's my call on Kevin's show. Gets good once I get rolling. AND, listen to THIS segment for a call from a random caller who talks about "Zuma Dogg." (It's an AMAZING call. I'm blessed!)

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