Saturday, September 5, 2009

Daily News Provides TREMENDOUS DIS-SERVICE To CD 2 Voter In Their (In the tank for city hall) Election Coverage

Is there any doubt the Daily News (these days so thin, it's more like a flier) is in the tank for City Hall in this CD 2 City Council election? They use the guise of "Tuesday is last day to register" as a way of running a free advertisement for the 3 City Hall, kiss-ass, insider, status quo (matter which of the three you pick) candidates.

The fine folks making these editorial decisions at Daily News must REALLY, REALLY look down on their readers and think they are just SO DUMB that they fall for this stuff. I'm sure you will be reading a follow-up article quoting three more of the grass roots candidates in the big SUNDAY issue!

No wonder the newspaper is more like a cheesy, flimsy flier these days. Looks like the whole audience left and I probably just gave them more publicity than their own website gave the article. AND OH YEAH, in case Daily News thinks they are getting away with something, there are already emails being circulated by readers who are outraged about this coverage and it's just gonna turn the Daily News into something worse than LA Times in people's mind. I AM SURE YOU WILL SEE BETTER COVERAGE OF THIS VALLEY CITY COUNCIL ELECTION IN THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. WAIT AND SEE!

Here's the joke free ad that Daily News ran today under the guise of "journalism." LOL! No wonder my blog skyrocketed to #2 in the Statewide rankings. People in Los Angeles area are STARVING for some real coverage of City Hall that isn't being done by sell-out, no character, cowards. I'd rather blog unpaid and sleep on the street and maintain a shred of integrity and dignity than have to become a Daily News staffer and have to be a complete spineless-coward-sellout. THE AUTHOR COULDN'T EVEN PUT THEIR NAME ON THE ARTICLE. It's called, "Daily News Wire Service." (LOL!)

Tuesday is last day to register for Council District 2 vote

ELECTION: Hopefuls seek to fill the term of Wendy Greuel.

Daily News Wire Services (Because no one wanted to put their name on this.)
Updated: 09/04/2009 (The day, the neeeeeewspapers died!)

Residents of the northeast San Fernando Valley have until Tuesday to register to vote in the Sept. 22 special election to fill Wendy Greuel's 2nd District City Council seat.

Greuel became city controller in July. The winner of the special election will finish out the two years remaining on her City Council term.

To vote, one must be a citizen of the United States and 18 years old by election day. Registered voters, who moved into the district recently or changed their names, must re-register by Sept. 8.

Ten candidates are running in the election: state Assemblyman Paul Krekorian; former Paramount Pictures executive Christine Essel; Los Angeles Unified school board member Tamar Galatzan; Jozef "Joe" Thomas Essavi, a member of Los Angeles County's Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Commission; neighborhood council members Michael McCue and Mary Benson; community organizer Pete Sanchez; neighborhood advocate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg; candy factory owner Frank Sheftel; and businessman Augusto Bisani.


Greuel [who's endorsement is actually a HUGE negative, but Essel doesn't realize that because she is so out of touch cause she has no idea what she is doing) has endorsed Essel, as have former Mayor Richard Riordan (who also backed and endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa BOTH TIMES...Richard must be losing it a little, cause he still endorsed Antonio for a second term) and City Council members Jan Perry, Janice Hahn, Herb Wesson, and state Sen. Fran Pavley, among others. (I think people actually will look at Perry, Hahn & Wesson's endorsement as a flag that Essel is CLEARLY the candidate you must avoid most.)

Krekorian has been endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, the San Fernando Valley Democratic Party, Los Angeles County, Councilman Paul Koretz, U.S. Reps. Brad Sherman and Loretta Sanchez, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and several of his colleagues in the state Legislature. (Add it all up, and you have all the people who created the mess and stood by like helpless losers who are backing this guy.)

On her campaign Web site, Essel said (EMPHASIS ON "SAID") she would focus on cutting business taxes to create new jobs (after she was just in charge of driving them all away at Paramout); reform city departments to cut through red tape (how is "Empty Vessel" Essel going to achieve THAT goal? I didn't know she was "Bewitched" and could just wiggle her nose and make it happen. CHRIS IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD AT SAYING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. So is Santa Clause); and allow small business to thrive; ensure the delivery of basic city services to her constituents; stop waste, fraud and abuse; and fight for honest and ethical government. (OH WOW CHRIS, can I say that, too? After all, words are easy to speak. I'm going to allow small business to thirve (HOW CHRIS? ARE YOU GOING TO PRINT MONEY AND GIVE IT TO PEOPLE TO SPEND, OR JUST GIVE THEM SOME OF YOURS? YOU ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH, CHRIS, I CONSIDER IT A DANGER TO PUBLIC SAFETY...SERIOUSLY! And oh yeah, you are going to ENSURE basic services, because you say so during a campaign, are going to STOP fraud, waste and abuse, like Superman holding out his arm and stopping a speeding train. I AM CONVINCED YOU WILL DO THAT CHRIS, AS THE TOP INSIDER PICKED BY CITY HALL TO DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU!

Oh yeah, I'm just SO SURE Chris Essel is going to crack down on Antonio and Council's fraud, waste and abuse. make Obama's campaign laundry list of idealistic bullshit sound realistic. CHRIS...GET REAL! This isn't High School Student Council. I WOULDN"T BE TAKING OUT LOANS AGAINST YOUR HOUSE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN. EVEN IF YOU MAKE IT INTO A RUN-OFF...VOTERS WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU IN THAT COUNCIL SEAT. )

On Krackwhorian's campaign Web site (WHY IS DAILY NEWS QUOTING A CAMPAIGN WEBSITE AS "NEWS?" ISN'T THAT CALLED AN ADVERTISEMENT?), he said he would help craft a budget that prioritizes public safety, neighborhood quality of life and transportation that works; cut bureaucracy and demand accountability from every city department and commission, and especially the City Council; promote smart development that preserves the character of neighborhoods, and brings together housing, transportation and jobs; cut taxes to encourage businesses; and bring transparency and ethics to City Hall. [PAUL...WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANY OF THAT AS ASSEMBLYMAN? YOU STOOD BY AS KAREN BASS' TOP ASSEMBLYMEMBER AND DROVE THE STATE INTO FINANCIAL RUIN. YOU DIDN'T DO SHIT EXCEPT SPEND, SPEND, SPEND AND COME UP WITH EVERY LAME EXCUSE WHY NOT A PENNY COULD BE CUT FOR ANYTHING.) PAUL YOU ARE A NICE GUY IN PERSON BUT I MUST SAY YOU ABSOLUTELY SICKEN ME AS A POLITICIAN. YOU LITERALLY MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT WHEN I HEAR YOU SPEAK. I know most people dislike Chris Essel the most, but Paul Krekorian ABSOLUTELY MAKES ME MORE NAUSEOUS THAN RICHARD ALARCON.

I really hope Krekorian wins, so I can IMMEDIATELY begin saying, "I TOLD YOU SO" and tell you how 100% right I was, again!


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