Monday, September 21, 2009

Hollywood Production "LOCATIONISTA" Blasts Email Support for Zuma Dogg To Union Workers!

Here's an interesting email that is going around from someone who is a Hollywood "Locationista."

Fellow Locationistas in the CD2:

Please consider this:

I like the Dark Horse Candidate - Zuma Dogg - in this race.

Sure, he's a fierce grassroots candidate - extreme - wired - maybe even manic when he was at the depths of his trough of frustration and zeal to get to the bottom of the mediocrity that IS our City Hall and it's 'decision makers' - but his story is REAL and his impact and intelligence about this town and what it will take to fix it are REAL.

He's "wild - but dialed" (IN - that is -- he knows the issues facing this city INSIDE OUT)

Don't be surprised if he makes a SIGNIFICANT showing tomorrow (mark my words! He might be in the runoff!!). But think on this, locationistas: YOUR VOTES for ZD will make HEADLINES if he does well and IF it becomes known that YOU helped him get there......why?

* No grassroots candidate has ever gotten past the power complex. Even if he doesn't quite make it -- the story is big if he gets close and if YOU are part of the reason why.

* ZD's ultimate endorsement of a candidate in the runoff will/would be COVERED in the press if he does well....and I've already floated it past him that endorsing Paul K and mentioning Paul's strong position on film friendliness in the industry's hometown as part of the reason for that endorsement will/would be covered as well. (& he's taking this request seriously!)

* If by some miracle ZD is IN the runoff and thanks this community - then Heck -- "stop the presses!"

Make no mistake -- and THINK ABOUT IT!

* It is not a wasted vote in the Primary to make a statement en masse to support a grassroots candidate. Even if your fave (Chris E or Paul K) don't end up in the runoff, EITHER of them are FILM FRIENDLY candidates, so you have someone worth supporting in the final election no matter what.

* Leveraging your community's votes into press coverage for hometown resurgence and loyalty to film friendliness is worth the gamble that supporting ZD might bring forth.

* There are really very very FEW communities like this. Why not test your grassroots power to persuade by swinging a bloc vote to ZD and see what happens! Live a little! Power to the People.

* Check out his website. Check out his Passion. Check out his Intelligence on ALL the issues facing LA at this difficult time. Don't just be a boring single issue voter. You have no guarantee that only one of the 15 Council office holders can make a meaningful difference to the issues facing our industry, even if many if not most of the others share those sentiments. This is a Strong Executive Mayoral City Government System in case you haven't noticed. The Council is often just a clown court of mediocrity in such a system. Shaking things up, however, can be suddenly noticed by a GREAT number of people NATIONWIDE. Why not try to shake this tree? You have nothing to lose and an unknown HUGE positive grab bag of possibilities to gain by swinging your community voice to the grassroots candidate with most moxie and devotion to the citizenry - ZUMA DOGG.

* You won't have a chance like this again. ZD is moving on with his life and won't be the intense presence EVERY day at City Council like he HAS for the LAST 3 YEARS any longer. It's too intense and not a healthy fixation, albeit the unintended benefits and truths he's discovered and given voice to along the way. BE PART OF THE STORY. Be part of history.

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