Friday, September 11, 2009

LISTEN NOW: Audio of City Council Candidate Zuma Dogg on KRLA (Candidate Forum) And SPECIAL GUEST on KABC

Thanks so much to AM 870 - KRLA's KEVIN JAMES, who did a really great job running the station's L.A. City Council CD 2 (On-Air) Candidate Forum over the past two nights.

Doug McIntyre of KABC is having each of the candidates on in his 9am hour for a few minutes (and it's just about done), but Kevin dedicated over an hour, two nights in a row, with all the candidates (except Essel and Krekorian who didn't make it for whatever reasons) and it gave anyone who is interested in the city and district a chance to at least hear each candidate to "kick the tires" for the election. It's probably the MOST people will have to decide from, besides the fliers they don't trust. So thanks to Kevin James for doing this. Forget about whether you agree with him, or not, on the issues. He's a real machine to be able to crank out a show like he does, day in and day out in that lonely studio at night. (SAME WITH DOUG MCINTYRE...THEY ARE TWO AMAZING BROADCASTERS just in their ability to carry a show for hours, day in and day out.)

AND MCINTYRE...YOU MANIAC!!! What better way to cap off a FIVE (5) HOUR radio show (that starts at FIVE (5) AM, by topping it off with an "all night" show, on the overnight tonight.

SO IT'S KEVIN FROM 9pm-12mid...then DOUG on 790 KABC, tonight around midnight (after Dodger Talk). So tune in, cause hopefully ZD, Rita and a lot of other callers will call in on Doug's free format show tonight.

BUT, back to Kevin...great job on the forum, and you know ZD LOVES being INSIDE the studio, instead of INSIDE my car, on hold for 2 hours, like I was this week to get my couple minutes on the air.

AND, ZD was all jacked up on too much coffee, with not enough sleep, and ran in there without it was a very frenetic energy ZD was putting out there for the calm Kevin. (I'M SURE HE COULDN'T WAIT TO GET ME OUT OF THERE! LOL!)

But it was ZD's magic 12 hours from 9pm (Kevin's show) and 9am for Doug's KABC show!!! Topped it off with a loooooooong council meeting with a lot of time on TV 35, and it's been a BLAST for a regular guy like me, anyway. I've always LOVED radio, went into radio for a career, and it's VERY, VERY gratifying to be showing up as a guest, instead of an employee to say what I have to say.


A MUST LISTEN: CD City Council Candidate Zuma Dogg on KABC/McIntyre. Hit "download" and "open with" and your player should pop up the clip.

Length: 00:11:08

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