Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Rants on Hollywood Actors He Knows and Local Politics

I woke up way too early today to the sound of construction workers and on a nice Labor Day Weekend, like today, not only do I wake up cranky at City Hall, I think of Malibu, on a day like today, so I remember all those Hollywood phonies who bowed-down to Zuma Dogg, said all kinds of nice things and promises, then ripped him off or just got too busy to remember anything. And thanks to Twitter, it all makes for some (hopefully) entertaining reading this Labor Day Weekend.(Hopefully, MY pain is YOUR gain!) Let the bittersweet memories begin! (Yes, "Now bittersweet memories, are all I got..."Sounds like a Springsteen lyric.)


# Daily News Provides TREMENDOUS DIS-SERVICE To CD 2 Voter In Their (In the tank for city hall) Election Coverage

# I guess the CD2 City Council 3 minute Candidate Statements hit TV 35 today, cause I just got my first phone call from a new ZD voter.Aw yea!

# Daily News should run disclaimers letting readers know they're in the tank for City Hall. If you want to VOMIT read their election coverage.

# What a joke of a sinking ship Daily News has become. Has anyone noticed they are charging full price for what has been reduced to a flier?

# When Dr. Edward Deming sent me a letter saying, "I agree with your comments/well done," top experts thought I lied cause he DIDN'T do that!

# When I send Deming my article it was for him to correct so I didn't misrepresent his work. Sent me back an UNPRECEDENTED "well done" letter.

# Any ideas as to why "Zuma Dogg's" interpretation of Deming's 14 Points ended up being people's favorite article on this international topic?

# I was rejected a big radio job cause I used Deming's comments about me in the resume. She said, "HE WOULD NEVER SAY THAT!" BUT HE DID! OUCH

# A sitcom producer said, "You must have a staff of 13 writers coming up with this stuff." I said, "No, just off top of my head." Said I lied!

# A sitcom producer said I MUST wear an earpiece & have people in truck tell me what to say. Said, "No, just improv." He accused me of lying!

# This guy in Malibu kept giving ZD nice shout-outs. Said, "Everyone knows Zuma Dogg." One day, my friends says, "That was Reggie Miller!" Oh!

# I thought Dan Cortese would sicken me cause he looks like "Mr. Perfect Jock" but he's SO nice and down to earth, I LOVE HIM! Very creative!

# Dan Cortese is not only HUGE admirer of ZD's skillz, he is so nice. I said, "I WANT to hate you cause you're so good looking, but I can't!"

# How stoked was I when Stone Temple Pilot Guitarist Dean DeLeo asked me for ZD videos for the tour bus? He would play me unreleased stuff!

# I've met a lot of Academy, Grammy & Emmy Winners in my day, but Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots is the nicest, greatest person I have met!

# Emilio Estevez told me he was talking to Kate Hudson & CRobinson about "Zuma Dogg Show" and they were addicted. THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT ZD?

# If ONE person in Hollywood REALLY let me know a legendary, amazing, unexplainable phenomenon ZD is, it's Emilio Estevez. Marty Sheen's kid.

# One day, a girl comes up and says, "My boyfriend is your BIGGEST fan!" Can you say, "Hi" to him on the phone? It was Emilio Estevez.

# Emilio Estevez is a REALLY cool guy. Total "bro." He made Zuma Dogg feel good at the time. He really knew my material at such a deep level. Amazing producer, writer, director and actor.

# Courteney Cox told me on the phone when she called, "Zuma Dogg is (hubby) DArquette's FAVORITE THING ON THE PLANET!" Glad you lifted ideas!

# I'm sure even though Adam Sandler filled ZD with hope, he just got busy counting his money and figured it was o.k. for me to live this way.

# Adam Sandler's editor told me he heard howling through the walls in the other room. It was Sandler rolling in laughter on the floor!

# Adam Sandler's receptionist told me, "I don't know who you are, but I have never heard Adam speak so highly of anyone before."

# Thanks to people like Adam Sandler, Courteney Cox/ Hollywood phonies who call me a genius to my face, but let me boil to death on streets.

# If you see ASandler, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy/creatively vapid, idea vampires, tell them Zuma wishes they had integrity!

# I'm TORTURED by ads for Courteney Cox's new TV show. The Arquettes among ZD's TOP fans, COPIED my bits for THEIR failed TV production. OUCH!

# HOLLYWOOD: Don't be fooled by Courtney Cox's bad acting: She and hubby David were Zuma Dogg's #1 fan: Invited me to house and ripped me off!

# Someone said they sent me a Direct Message and I didn't get it. CAN SOMEONE SEND ME A Direct Message to TEST it out.

# Whenever I post a "ZD Needs Help" or a desperate message, it always gets more clicks than "city issue" post, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE HELPS! LOL!

# Two of my posts from yesterday are #1 & #2 Most Clicked on Cali STATEWIDE Ranker. The "HELP ME!" Posts always rank highest?

# Oh no! HARSH REALITY as ZD is forced to wake up and vacate where he was sleeping WAY TOO EARLY. Was up till 3am, not supposed to be up, yet.

# Have no idea how I made it to 2am today without taking a nap given the way I woke up at 7am in the biggest funk ever. thanks to the helpers!

# There are MANY people qualified for a $120,000 yr Public Works job. But no one MORE qualified than a Councilman's daughter to play it safe.

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