Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It sounds like a "B" track that didn't make it on "Thriller" but the new Michael Jackson song, "This Is It" (title track of the new movie) has that warm, classic Michael feel and sound that only he can create. It might have been the "bathroom break" song at his concert, but as soon as I heard the track, it brings back that old Michael magic and took me back to the "Thriller" 80's era feeling. Which is a good feeling! Since his passing, I've listened to a lot of his "acapella" studio tracks on YouTube which are fascinating and helped me better understand what it is about his vocal performances. Basically, the kid was just great at telling a story through in his delivery. We were all blown away how a little kid could pack so much feeling into "I Want You Back," at that age. And he never stopped doing that, it just is taken a little more for granted as you grow up. So let me pull out my DJ voice to say, "It's Zuma Dogg on Zuma Report.com with the latest smash hit from Michael Jackson...from the new movie, "This Is It," here's, "This Is It," on ZUMA REPORT.com!"

BILLIE JEAN REHEARSAL SESSION: Michael Jackson or Zuma Dogg?

Is this Michael Jackson rehearsing "Billie Jean" for the new "This Is It" tour? If not, maybe it's Zuma Dogg.


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