Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's the Thread Villaraigosa, Huizar, Meuelo, Taylor Yard, The Clintons, DWP & CalPERS DOES NOT WANT ZUMA DOGG TO POST....too late!

ALRIGHT KIDDIES! As you can see my blogging has taken a more personal tone, away from the type of bamboozle-busting you are used to. But I wanted some "clickety-clicks" on my blog, so I figured I'd throw out the hardest hitting blog thread I could copy and paste from my email inbox. Slightly reworded in Zumalease to protect the identity of the sources. DON'T SEND ME STUFF TO START POSTING ALL OF THE SUDDEN. THIS IS AN EXCEPTION BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE PUNISHING SOME FOOLS BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY AND EXTRA CRANKY. THIS ISN'T ACTIVISM. THIS IS PAYBACK. AND AIN'T IT A BITCH, BITCH? Now buy me some food, or I'll make the next one worse! I not only have an avalanche of nine years worth of beloved shout outs from the masses running through my head, making me insane...I also have all this stuff floating around, and I have to get it off my mind. So this isn't even activism, just therapy. Sorry Weezy. Not sorry, Villar.

[WELP, looks like Zuma Dogg said, "F*CK THAT" and published it. I didn't sign any non-disclosure and Zuma Dogg is a civic treasure and that makes him open to the public, kind of like the Brown Act rules.]

I always liked Jackie Gleason on Saturday evenings, so as Jackie would have said, "And awaaaaay we gooooooooooo!"

Bruce Kendall and Guy Mehula leaving had much to do with the "Battle Inside LAUSD" between Team Villaraigosa/Huizar -- and those actually committed to education and student achievement. Since Villar took control of the board, politicians and staffers have been sucking up to those in control (Team Villar LAUSD School Board) and Villaraigosa's friends and cronies are finally about to shower themselves with all those LAUSD billions the way Zuma Dogg was alerting the masses to, first on Mr. KABC's show, when he was still on the air. Looks like it's harvest time.)

HERE'S WHAT TO EXPECT TO FACILITATE AND MAXIMIZE THE CROP OF LAUSD CASH BEING HARVESTED: Look for re-negotiating of expensive district agreements which will result in a $15 million dollar (plus) gift to a close homie of Weezy.While at LAUSD, many believed Huizar was a "favor hander outer" for things like confidential information and influencing LAUSD boardmembers and staff on actions that benefitted Weezy and Tony's cronies.

THE MAYOR MUST HAVE WATCHED THAT ROBERT ALLEN INFOMERCIAL ON "MULTIPLE STREAMS OF REVENUE": Now that the Meurelo-Maddux revenue stream has gone dry with recent bankruptcy, the mayor needs new streams of revenue and influence. So off to the public money off LAUSD and DWP. The mayor already has control of the school board, and it's not a random coincidence that the mayor's ally, David Freeman, is back in control of DWP with Nahai's departure.

Keep up the good work, your friends from (Over Here).

[ZD: What does Barbara Striesand and Bill Clinton have to do with this?]

Zuma Dogg Fun Game: "Connect the Dots"

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy...I hope you have learned from your shadiness of the past and aren't pulling shit like this anymore:

I sure hope that when Jose Huizar was LAUSD school board member, there wasn't $15 million dollars of "grease" sent through the school board to make sure the decision makers hands were greasy and the purchase of Taylor Yards would slip through their fingers, allowing Mereulo to get the deal while the LAUSD board secretary ran interference. That would have sucked!


1. Antonio Villaraiogsa gains control of LAUSD school board (including raising $2 million in private money for Tamar Galatzan to do it).

2. NAMES: Delijani/Huizar/Viagarossa/Namvar

3. Special Board Actions

4. Kendall departs

5. Mehula Departs

6. Cortenes Reduces Inspector General staff

7. Mayor's pal put in charge of DWP

9. DWP's Nahai gets Clinton Post

10. Huizar gets a pass from the Department of Justice

11. MORE NAMES: Polanco/Valedes/CALPERS

Obama thought he neutered Hillary by making her Sec of State, but as Obama tanks with G-force velocity, Team Hillary waits in the wings, waiting for an encore curtain call.

I can't even imagine, but it says here that Villaragiosa would STILL be part of any Team Hillary revival effort (I guess partners in crime stick together through thick and thin).

And I guess that's because Bill and Hillary (CLINTON) have enough juice to keep Antonio from being indicted so they can use him as their "Latino Mayor of L.A." mascot, again, since that still carries a lot of weight with the people they need it to carry weight with. [OH NO, WE HAVE TO PREVENT HIM FROM NOT BEING INDICTED!!! THAT'S WHY I HAVE TO EXPOSE THIS!]

Villar must LOVE Clinton and feel he owes him almost as much as the City will owe Zuma Dogg since Nuch didn't want to settle with the Venice Performers. Douchetonio owes "La Familia Clinton" muchos gracias for the ability to cash in during these tough times.

And I it looks like, no matter how unpopular he is politically with bloggers, that doesn't stop the gravy train, becasue he still gets what he wants, just as much if he was still as popular as he used to fantasize that he was: He just got Nahai to resign from DWP leaving the keys to the vault for Antonio and his pal Freeman. I guess he owes Clinton for moving Nahai out of the way for him.

Fire up the sports cars Antonio, you've got the keys to DWP, LAUSD, Calpers and LACERS!

But what do I know...I'm just a homeless guy starving to death with heart palpitations from no food for too long; and I figured I better get this out there for others to see in case I lose my internet connection and can't blog for a while. Looks pretty interesting. Don't think Antonio will be resigning the way some naive and juvenile commentators think. It will take a little more than a blog post request.

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