Wednesday, October 21, 2009

L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Weighs In With Statement on City's Approach to Medical Marijuana "Compassion Use Act"

Since I will most likely be discussing the issue of Medical Marijuana collectives on the Mancow (national) Radio Show on Friday morning, I wanted to have a quote ready from the City Attorney's office, so as it wouldn't be a completely one-sided discussion (with ZD doing all the bashing of council's blind-eye, lack of leadership on the matter which allowed the situation to spin out of control) leaving the national audience with the impression that nothing can or will be able to be done now that a judge ruled the ban (moratorium) invalid. So thanks to Nuch (City Attorney Carmen Trutanich) for firing off this leagaleasey quote that also is a nice reminder that he is an actual attorney.

So I turn over the blog to Nuch, for this comment on the issue:

"For the longest time Los Angeles had a dysfunctional approach to the Compassionate Use Act, because of the experience of the last 2 years with the proliferation of more than 900 medical marijuana shops in all types of neighborhoods, our city has realized that the only true way to safely deliver compassionate medical marijuana is to have a strong regulatory framework to monitor it's delivery. Our new proposed ordinance is such a law and will add stability, safety and order to its distribution. I look forward to our City's Council passing this long anticipated structure to what has been a morass of bickering and indecisiveness." - Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (10/21/09)

AND NOW, you may put it all up for interpretation. I think "safely" is the key word they will be focusing upon to allow discretion of enforcement.

And we need to "weed out" (pun intended) the shady, mafiosa element of this industry, because it's not supposed to be one (an industry), and these illegal operations are causing the real collectives operating under state law to suffer hard times and the REAL ONES will have to close down under the increased competition, that never should have been.

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