Thursday, October 22, 2009

NEW AUDIO: Zuma Dogg Radio Shows (LIVE Call-in Show) on Medical Marijuana, Villaraigosa's Subway to the Sea" & ZD's NEW Political Action Committee

Recent Zuma Show's (Zuma Dogg's LIVE Call-in radio shows)

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Zuma Discusses Restore LA (Political Action Committee) with Founder

Los Angeles News Update (10.21.09)

Update on L.A. City News (10.20.09)

Best of Zuma Show (History of Zuma Dogg) 35 mins.

Reminder: Zuma Dogg will be appearing on Mancow Morning Drive Radio Show this Friday. It's a national show with the 9th largest radio audience in the United States. And the good news is none of that audience is in Los Angeles, so it will be a BIG audience of ALL NEW people from across the country as Zuma Dogg brings his message of L.A. City Fraud, Waste and Abuse to the nation. CHECK OUT ZUMA DOGG IN THE GUEST LINE UP on Mancow Website:

ALSO: Zuma Dogg is working with a NEW Political Action Committee (PAC) called, "Restore LA," a non-profit 527 run by Anthony who also has a phone bank of 1000 plus phone lines with is own Internet Voice Protocal system like Vonage -- and people from across the city, county...and across the country can "phone bank" from their home, on their computer, for free without using their phone or minutes, with only a basic computer headset that you simply plug into your computer. THEN, the phone touch pad pops up on your computer and the list of phone numbers appear for you to call, along with the script. POWER TO THE PEOPLE IS HERE!

THE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE, and Anthony from Restore LA is the guy who put it together, including the Political Action Committee (political infrastructure) for us to "take back the city, county (and country)!" for it ALL! (See "Restore LA" link)

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