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Somewhat Shocking Video of L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Bullying and Badgering Female Cancer Survivor on Medical Marijuana Issue

"You're wrong! There's not even a discussion on this. You're wrong. I want you to go over there and find some lead toys for your child to play with. He might not be sick today but I guarantee you somewhere down the road his brain function will be. Make sure you go home and take some pesticides and spay them on your salad. You're wrong. You're dead wrong." - L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to constituent on Medical Marijuana during NC (Town Hall) Congress

Oh my goodness, here's a video of Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich "discussing" the issue of his (random) pesticide testing of some medical marijuana with a female cancer survivor and patient.

City Attorney Clashes with Speaker at 2009 Congress of Neighborhoods -Accused of Bullying, Questioned on Red Ant Theory from Michael Cohen on Vimeo.

YIKES! I don't even think Zuma Dogg would ever escalate to this level during a group forum. Forget that it's the City Attorney. Look how he walks up closer to her and it sure looks intimidating. Listen to his tone, his constant interruptions...NUCH, my was a town hall style forum at an NC weren't on trial as a prosecutor or defense attorney . NUCH, YOU MADE ZUMA DOGG CRINGE.

I JUST GOT A CALL FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN FOLLOWING POLITICS A LOT LONGER THAN ZD, and he says he has NEVER seen an elected official attack someone, face to face, this way. And personally, I would have liked to have been able to hear what she had to say and hear her point.

As the self-proclaimed, official ambassador for the City of Los Angeles, I would like to apologize, on behalf of the City, to the constituent who was recently traumatized by the L.A. City elected official.

I know it looked like a tame situation, but it kind of reminded me of this:

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) -- A 7-year-old white tiger attacked Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy during a Friday night performance on the Las Vegas strip -- the magician and trainer's 59th birthday.

(Was it your birthday, Kathryn?)


* I wish we could fire this guy immediately, even though I know it takes a re-call. He did not even let a constituent speak, but rather ran his own show of lack of knowledge. If this is the best L.A. has to offer, it reflects on the entire city government. Kind of reminded me of an SS hearing, at one point she was told to go away and sit down. What kind of meeting is that?

* WASH HIS MOUTH WITH SOAP ! ! ! Wonderful example of City Attny ABUSE OF POWER...demand formal written Apology. Send him to ANGER Mgmt class. An elected City Official can not talk to voter, taxpayer this way. Unacceptable non professional CANT BE ALLOWED TO DISREGARD Stakeholder/Publics' constitutional right to FREE SPEECH.

[Well, that's how the first two people replied in emails to ZD.]


Los Angeles, City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich was taking questions from the floor Oct 10, 2009 at the 2009 Congress of Neighborhoods held at City Hall in Los Angeles, California. Trutanich and a woman, later identifying herself as Kathryn Schorr and claiming to be a cancer survivor and taking medical marijuana, got into a heated exchange over the subject. She felt that she was badly treated by Trutanich.

Trutanich said the marijuana being in sold in dispensaries, based on samples he supplied to the FDA, is contaminated by bifenthrin, a pesticide and also by other stuff he wouldn’t identify.

After Schorr left the council chambers I went outside to talk to her. She appeared to be distraught and was crying and being comforted by a security guard and others. The security guard cautioned her not to drive home in her condition.

Schorr felt that Trutanich was overbearing and bullying her and he should have let her make her point without interference. That being, one needs 10 pounds to do a proper lab analysis of contaminants in marijuana. She had the floor and his insisting that she should give lead to her children was wrong. She said she couldn’t understand how an elected official could talk to her that way.

I (article author Michael Cohen) spoke to Trutanich, Wednesday, when he said “I’m sorry it happened that way and it came at the end of a long day. But she was lying, she was wrong, and I felt as she was lying I had to say so”.

[SO YOU HAD TO TAKE IT TO THAT EXTREME??? JEEZE, NUCH...lighten up. You weren't on trial. It's a frickin' town hall meeting. DID YOU NOTICE THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AND CAMERAS ROLLING???]

He said he was trying to make a point that smoking the contaminated marijuana was akin to eating lead. [OH YEAH...cause it's the same thing. WHEN ALL REASON AND RATIONALE FAILS, THROW IN LEAD AND KIDS.]

Trutanich said, “He has an obligation to bring to light the fact that the medical marijuana being sold is a health hazard, he would be remiss in his duties if he did not make it public.” Further, he said, “The City could be sued if he didn’t make his findings public and people were injured by using medical marijuana [obtained in the City]”.

NUCH...I THINK YOU MUST HAVE BEEN SMOKING SOME OF THAT PESTICIDE LACED WEED...AND MUST HAVE BEEN LACED WITH PCP, OR SOMETHING? WHAT???? THE CITY IS RESPONSIBLE??? I had some bad food at Denny's that made me sick for a week. SO I CAN SUE THE CITY? You take it upon yourself to do a secret random check under conditions and results that are not monitored and you feel this has legal standing that the city could be sued? AND WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU ARE FACED IN AN OFFICE THAT IS UNDERSTAFFED AND BARELY FUNCTIONAL BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION AND YOU HAVE TO RUN OUT AND HARP ON THIS ISSUE AND START GOING GANSTA ON COMMUNITY MEMBERS???

TONE IT DOWN, MY MAN! (See Tony Robbins/Richard Bandler/Milton Erickson) The Zuma Dogg routine is not an act you should try at home and should only be attempted by professionals. Smoke some ORGANIC bud and try to not be the one scaring security.

ZUMA'S ADDED THOUGHTS: When speaking with David Berger about L.A.'s Medical Marijuana he mentioned this random pesticide test and it caught my attention as a real and compelling issue. And I asked Mr. Berger if we could discuss it on my radio podcast, which we did. And again, I find the issue compelling, at least in the way David Berger presented it to me, which is why I wanted to highlight the issue.

BUT, not to condemn medical marijuana as a whole toward the goal of "shutting them all down", but as an indicator as to how to make sure a co-op is compliant by making sure they are growing it themselves and not importing it from Mexico and out of State. (Because rogue dispensaries need to be shut down and that's a good initial indicator.)

But it looks to me like Nuch might already have a position he wants to take, and is now just looking for evidence to support it.

So again, as someone who was struck by this issue of pesticides as a way of indicating medication may not be grown organically under State law, I don't think Nuch has enough credible, controlled and monitored test results to have a "guilty" verdict in already to attack that lady in that way -- as though you are the final say on the matter with all 100% certain, undisputed authority. I think at some point he needed to pull out the test results and show them instead of going "UFC" on her.

I wonder if he's capable of pulling it together and behaving like an elected representative and not Roy's tiger. If not, it's gonna be a LOOOOOOOONG and FUN 3 and a half years. NUCH, you should show up for public comment again and yell at Council the way you yelled at that lady!

Original article by Michael Cohen as re-printed by CityWATCH.

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