Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zuma Dogg Calls Carmen "NUCH" Trutanich To Discuss Medical Marijuana, Billboards and HIS BAD PR!!!

I FELT THINGS WERE SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL SO QUICKLY THAT I CALLED L.A. City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich to discuss all of this and tell him what I think he should be saying.

A LOT OF GROUND WAS COVERED...wish I was rolling on the talk show because there was a lot of good stuff.

Here's a quote from Trutanich: "There is no corruption in our administration of the LA City Attorney's office. Just tough issues, met by an honest, consistent, strong public safety position. That's one of the reasons we are winning so many lawsuits."

Here's my recap (my take) on the phone conversation I had with Trutanich. I wasn't rolling when I called him. I was just walking down the street when I decided to call but he says he will talk to me on the show. And I URGED him to, because I feel it HELPS him if people can hear what ZD was hearing him say. So here's my recap of the conversation:

Zuma Recaps His Phone Call with Carmen Trutanich (LA City Attorney)

AND, the guy is good, because I'm here to say, the guy TOTALLY won me over as he did the first time I spoke with him and it reminded me why I liked him.

The only thing I will say, is he ain't apologetic, AT ALL...and again, he's gonna have to come on my radio show, I hope so people can hear what ZD gets to hear when I call him on his cell phone on Saturday.

So check back later -- and don't fire up the Trutanich re-call campaign, just yet.

It's gonna be bumpy, but Nuch is a lot more like Zuma Dogg that I realized. But he's doing what you want him to do, although you wish he was more like Garcetti and Alarcon and Wesson and the rest of your usual politicians.

You can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for me to pick up the phone and call Nuch on Saturday after my posts from yesterday where I gave him the "Zuma Dogg" treatment like the rest of the elected officials in City Hall. BUT, I'M GLAD I CALLED...It ain't gonna be perfect, but...CHECK BACK LATER!

HERE'S A COMMENT I JUST POSTED ON MAYOR SAM TO NOTIFY SOME FOLKS. May as well post it here until I get it all typed up:

I just called Nuch over all this bad PR and try and impose my strategy advice on how he should handle the situation. And I'm really glad I called cause it reminded me of why I liked him in the first place. OH, it's gonna be a rough battle and he's a lot more like Zuma Dogg than I realized and he's got a side to tell on all of this. I know this is a tough one (the way he addressed that lady about medical marijuana) -- and I spent a lot of time talking about how people care about "brownies and cup cakes" and you have to be a kiss-ass and I DID feel the behavior was escalated. But he still wasn't too enthralled with the lady's argument and feels there is a lot of marijuana lobbying going on with big money behind it. So maybe that was part of it. AND, he hasn't had a day off in 4 months, had been going against nothing but bureaucracy and a city hall that doesn't want to start being big boys and girls.

And maybe on a different day, it would have played out differently.

BUT, the thing is...the guy ain't being apologetic for having to be tough and say he will have people arrested if they are violating things. MORE ON THAT TO COME.


He just ain't gonna be the "politician" you want him to be.

But it's the politicians who created the mess and you don't call in another politician to fix the mess. You gotta call people like Zuma Dogg and Carmen Trutanich that are here to remind ain't a popularity contest. And the people are opening up co-ops illegally and putting up all the billboards you complained about and voted against Jack Weiss for.

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