Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yes, I talk about my hunger and sleep deprivation and stress from wandering the streets 24 hours a day, but one of the things that has made it worse recently, and today it's a full on issue, is that my neck and spine is so twisted and jacked up from sleeping in car seats and sidewalks, I cannot even really walk today without it being painful with each step.

If I was pregnant, I could call Dr. Daniel Wiseman, because he is a pediatrician and he would probably deliver my baby as free favor to ZD.

But I'm not pregnant today, so Dr. D. is off the off the hook. But if you are a chiropractor (kinesiology practitioners a plus) -- please call 213-785-7272 and leave a voice mail, or email with your phone number if you can give ZD an initial free-trial consultation that may, or may not include two, 12 hour sessions a day for the next year. (That outta straighten things out for me, literally and figuratively.)

I have met a lot of different types of professionals, but don't remember any activist chiropractors. But if you are one and we haven't met, I'm a really great guy who is just as fun to be around in real life as I appear to be in my fun YouTube videos. Usually, the more people get to know me in my personal life, the more they love me, even more!


WANTED: If you can rebuild a man barely alive... if you have the technology...the capability to build the first bionic blogger -- better than he was before, contact Zuma Austin. (Aka: The Six Dollar Man!)


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