Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zuma Dogg Comedy Rant on CD2 City Council Election - PAUL KREKORIAN MUST BE REJECTED!

If you can make it past the introduction sandwich eating and story about Scott Shannon, the new voice of 95.5 KLOS, you can eavesdrop on a nice comedy rant about the CD2 City Council special election. Bottom line: Reject Sacramento seat-jumping, State-bankrupting, phony politicians...SAY NOT TO SACRAMENTO SEAT JUMPERS...SAY NOT TO PAUL KREKORIAN.

New ZumaShow on BlogTalkRadio: Zuma Saturday Night LIVE Update

QUOTE: "Aw yeah!!! Wendy Greuel & Chris the Doublemint Gum, Double Your Pleasure Twins! Love 'em in the campain fliers!"

Zuma also declares, "I will leave the State of California if Paul Krekorian is elected, even though I just got on food stamps."

More hilarious comedy as ZD gets nuttier as the show goes on with his Michael Jackson accapella street show...

Then hammers Jose "Sleezy Weezy" Huizar on his DUMMY-TALK on Medical Marijuana.

Overall, a balanced show of fun, seriousness and nuttiness. What more can you aks for?

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