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Andrew Westall (Herb Wesson's Senior Deputy) Running For assEMBLY To Replace Seat Jumping Community USER Paul Krekorian


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Candidate wants State to get On The Right Track

LOS ANGELES—Andrew J. Westall, a City Council Senior Deputy and Adjunct Professor at Pasadena City College, has announced his candidacy for the 43rd Assembly District being vacated by Paul Krekorian who was recently elected to the Los Angeles City Council.

“My career has been one of public service. I can bring local government and classroom experience to the State Capitol and help get California on the right track. I look forward to talking with the residents and voters of the 43rd Assembly District to get us back On The Right Track”, Westall said. “I have worked for three successful Speakers of the Assembly – Bob Hertzberg, Herb Wesson, and Fabian Nuñez. They balanced the budget without cutting schools. I know we can do it.”

“My top priorities will be transportation, education, fire protection, and government reform. One of my main objectives will be to build a trolley that links the communities of Los Angeles with the cities of Burbank and Glendale, a continuous dedicated public transit system from the subway and Orange Line in North Hollywood to the Gold Line in Pasadena.”

A native of California and an 11-year resident of the district whose family first came to Los Angeles in the 1920s, Westall believes passionately in helping people, building coalitions with community activists, and developing programs and policies to improve the lives of residents. Westall’s advocacy on behalf of the community goes back to his early twenties serving as an advisor to the Sacramento County Adult and Aging Commission, and his commitment has continued through 14 years of public service.

Currently, Westall is a Senior Deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. actively (dis)engaged in housing, environmental, planning, transportation, and economic development issues. (OH YEAH, THINGS ARE JUST SWELL IN THOSE AREAS!)

Westall leads the staff for the City Council’s Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee chaired by Councilmember Wesson. (YOU SHOULD BE HOPING THIS INFO DOESN'T COME OUT, NOT PUT IT IN THE PRESS RELEASE FOR PEOPLE TO ASSOCIATE TO YOU. Outside your dream city hall bubble people aren't real stoked about Wesson's Housing and Economic policies. Have you heard what they are saying at the council meetings? Maybe Herb used to be a "Hot Shot," but now he is just "shot.")

The HCED Committee oversees $2 billion a year in operational budgets, contracts, and construction projects by the Housing Department, Housing Authority, Community Development Department, and the Community Redevelopment Agency. Westall also serves as an alternate on the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority to Councilmember Wesson, who is the current Chair. (OH MY GOODNESS, I THINK THIS IS AN OPPOSITION PRESS RELEASE. STOP ADMITTING YOU'VE BEEN A PART OF THIS DISASTEROUS MUNICIPAL PLANNING OVER THESE PAST YEARS.)

The 43rd Assembly District includes the cities of Burbank and Glendale, as well as the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Atwater Village, Laurel Grove, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Toluca Terrace, Valley Glen, and Van Nuys.

Andrew is a good guy, who has spent the past three and a half years trying to spin Zuma Dogg on all the BULLSHIT housing and econmic BAMBOOZLEMENT that pissed off Zuma Dogg so much, Herb Wesson won't even LOOK at me any more. YES, HERB WESSON KNOWS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIS LOSER, LACK OF PERFORMANCE AS COUNCIMEMBER...AND HERB KNOWS I WONDER HOW HE CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT, HE FUCK UP THE CITY SO BADLY AS HOUSING & ECONOMIC CHIEF FUCK UP.

Andrew talks a good spin, but hasn't spun me yet...only outraged me through the BULLSHIT out of Herb's committees. LET'S FACE IT...HE'S PROBABLY A SHOE IN. ALL THIS GUY KNOWS IS THE SHADY SIDE OF FUCKING UP! PERFECT TO REPLACE KRACKWHORIAN!


Andrew Westall for State Assembly 2010

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Phone: 818-279-2435

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