Thursday, December 24, 2009

KCET References & Links To Zuma Dogg's Coverage of Villaraigosa's "ROUGH YEAR" (Budget Crisis)

The Mayor Looks Back on A Rough Year, Thinks It's Great

[Pictured: The guy is completely delusional at this point.]

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily News, Mayor Villaraigosa, in the face of many obvious city problems, declares 2009 "one of the best years we've had.
The heart of the story, from a Daily News report: Villaraigosa's optimism flies in the face of the problems many see on the horizon, but he remains convinced only better days are ahead.

For an entertaining counter to the mayor's optimism, see this long L.A. Times story about upcoming city employee losses and its possible impact on city services, and the continuing costs to our general fund from paying off pensions and benefits early, reprinted and annotated by City Council gadfly Zuma Dogg.


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