Sunday, December 13, 2009

Los Angeles "Will See Service Impacts; Will Be A Challenge To Maintain Fiscal Responsibilty; Sustaining Police & Fire Vehicles A Significant Challenge

Here are some tweeted excerpts from the L.A. City Council meeting this past Friday when all of this was announced during Budget Doomsday talk. The experts REALLY had to paint it out for council, since their participation in decision making is required, and they still want to drag their feet. So these FUN FOLKS were here to paint it out in ZUMA DOGG TERMS! There is nothing here that you haven't heard me say. It's just nice to finally have some back-up in council chambers. Thanks, guys!

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  1. IT'S OVER FOR LOS ANGELES AS U KNOW IT: Bottom has fallen out. A free fall into service closures & broken fire trucks that can't respond.
  2. GLOBAL ALERT: It should be noted that City of Los Angeles faces '10 budget crisis where, "meeting fiscal responsibility WILL BE CHALLENGE."
  3. L.A. City declares,: "We will see service impacts. There IS no other option. And this is just the beginning of what we face next year."
  4. L.A. City says, "Accounting dept is losing significant accountants & WILL BE challenge to maintain fiscal responsibility, ACROSS THE BOARD!
  5. L.A. Council Budget Talk: "This is going to be TERRIBLE. It's going to be VERY hard. And this is just the beginning. Next year is WORSE!"
  6. GLOBAL ALERT: City of L.A. losing SO MANY mechanics, sustaining fire & police response vehicles, "going to be a significant challenge."
  7. GLOBAL ALERT: City of L.A. announced, "it will be a major challenge to maintain it's fiscal responsibility ACROSS THE BOARD, next yr worse."
  8. I bumped into someone at store who not only recognized ZD, BUT HAD MY SONG, "As U Can See (Big ZD from 2-1-3) as his RING TONE. THAT'S HUGE!
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  13. REAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA ISSUE WORTH NOTING: Hundreds of thousands of people in L.A. take marijuana, besides even more who don't have cards!
  14. City of L.A. announces early retirements (job loss) means, "WILL BE a challenge to maintain our fiscal responsibility, across the board."
  15. Go to to read about L.A. City MELTDOWN! City announces they won't be able to maintain police and fire vehicles.
  16. Zuma Dogg To Issue MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT (Of City's TOP CRISIS ISSUE) Monday Morning at 6 AM at
  17. Zuma Dogg LA Daily Blog TWITTER Update for Sunday 12.13.09 (L.A. City Political Tweets by Zuma Dogg)
  18. After speaking w city officials this week, Zuma Dogg WILL BE MAKING ANNOUNCEMENT MONDAY ON NEEDED CHARTER AMENDMENT AT
  19. After speaking with city mngmt this week at City Hall, Zuma Dogg will be announcing #1 ISSUE CITY MUST FIX! NO, NOT CUTTING COUNCIL SALARY!

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