Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zuma Dogg L.A. City News TWITTER Updates (Can't Mark Ridley-Thomas Save L.A. County $750,000 AND WORK OUT OF EXISTING OFFICE, YOU DIVA!

[Pictured: He needs to spend $750,000 to renovate his office in this budget crisis and approved $14 in Opera Emergency Crisis Loan.]

  • ASSemblylosers BASS, PEREZ, DE LEON, FEUER, ALARcon & KORETZ all backed KREKORIAN. This should be fun to watch. Smart Move!
  • HEY MARK SHITLEY-THOMAS...LOOK AROUND, FOOL...IT'S BUDGET ARMAGEDDON...How about you save the $750K and work out of existing office, chump!
  • Some must feel his office is GOOD ENOUGH: RT @KFIAM640: I'll get the phone # for mark ridley thomas to complain about the office renovation
  • LA County transit officials approve new light-rail system that would stop about a mile short of LAX. I guess you can walk the last mile.
  • L.A. City being SUED over signal timing: Remember ZD warned council of signal timing errors? Now, closed-door settlement talks over a death.
  • Since BOS Antonovich says plug should be pulled on Grand Ave Project, L.A. should collect $250K/month LATE FEE! They would if was small biz!
  • When Gadfly Mike Hunt innocently called Carmen Trutanich, "Carmen Titanich" he didn't realize the comedy GOLD he came up with. Thank, Mike!
  • Gadfly Mike Hunt is like Damon Wayan "Living Color" character who innocently twists words: Called Trutanich, "Titanich." THAT'S Gonna stick!
  • Spoke with PARKING METER coin collector: His supervisor complains City's early retirement deal now means not enough collectors on street.
  • A new LA "real time local news" wire is feeding my blog in their service. Saw big jump in my page views. AW YEAH! Shady-exposure elevation!
  • Remember when Villaraiogsa's cousin John Perez was running for ASSembly & bullied competition to drop out. NOW DUMB PEREZ WILL BE SPEAKER.
  • Sooooo sorry to ASSemblywoman Kevin De Leon (Fabian Nunez' bitch-puppet) who realizes he's got no JUICE and dropped out of speaker race.
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