Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zuma Dogg Saturday Twitter Update (Mark Ridley-Thomas, Tom LaBong, Grieg Smtih, Villaragiosa) -- & NEW "Zuma MusicRadio" Playlists For Saturday

  • Zuma Music Radio: Music for your Saturday afternoon and S-A-T-U-R, D-A-Y...NIGHT now playing at ZD's online iPod, 4 U! (Even if you are a shady, loser who hates my activism, maybe you'll love my music free online playlists!)
  • Like Marlon Brando (The Godfather) having to get more involved in his screwed up crew operations, DWP's Freeman showed up at council on Fri.
  • Antonio Villaraigosa is a great LOBBYIST for "Green Energy" corporations (& Bill Clinton) but I think he has mayoral priorities/head up ass.
  • What if ZD told you the #1 ISSUE City faces is "GREENING of L.A.?" I hope you would throw tomatoes at me. That's all Villaraiogsa speaks of.
  • HE'S NOT WHITNEY HOUSTON: Tell that diva, pussy Mark Shitley-Thomas to work out of his fucking office, AS IS, and don't drag racism into it.
  • SHAME on Mark Ridley-Thomas for claiming to spend $1 MIL on his office because "THOSE DAYS" are over. (NOT a civil rights issue, asshole!)
  • MARK RIDLEY-THOMAS: Tell him the reason you DO NOT want to spend $1 MILLION on office renovations is because of the BUDGET, not his color.
  • ZUMA DOGG on KPFK 90,7 FM this Tuesday at 11pm on Chris Voltaire's new show. He wants the "Zuma City Hall Blog Rant" ON-AIR. NEW AUDIENCE!
  • Zuma Music Radio 12 - Saturday Venice Beach "Music For The Masses" -
  • @latinaprpro, Yes, the comedy never ends at L.A. City Hall. Gotta check out your PR tweets.
  • TOM LABONG is LOSING Miracle Mile district to illegal vending: Bacon hot dogs, prepared fruit, socks, T-shirts...come on down for it ALL!
  • JANICE HAHN for Lt Governor: Get her nutty ass out of city hall and into a "can't do any damage" position. She won't be CITY'S liability.
  • MEDIA PAGE: Dum Don Knabe TANKS on John & Ken -- and VIDEO, Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT at Council Meeting (12.11.09)
  • PLEASE don't tell me Ed Reyes filled to run for mayor? I wonder who filled out the paperwork for him?
  • Villaraigosa forming economic advisory team to help create jobs? HE'S ABOUT TO FIRE 1000's! DOH!
  • VIDEO: Zuma Dogg GENERAL Public Comment: (When I thank, "Richard,"not ALARCON, but another public speaker.
  • VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS City Council over Villaraigosa's Planning Commissioner. Always a chance to discuss a few things!
  • VIDEO: Zuma BLASTS Grieg Smith for saying DWP rate payers get a reeeeeal deal! Zip it, Smith. No one cares what you say.
  • John & Ken grill Stupidvisor Don Knabe on $1 million (including furniture) for Mark Shitley-Thomas's office renovation. A KNABE PR NIGHTMARE.
  • Good to see CityWatch's Jack Humphreville at City Council meeting today, addressing the PENSION ISSUE! He's no wacko. Thanks for addressing.
THIS JUST IN: Clearly out of touch with voters, John Shallman still recipient of "Lifetime Loser Award" and his insipid political tactics are not where voters' psychology is, anymore. YOU HAVE BECOME A COMPACT DISC IN THE iPod WORLD, MR. SHALLOSER. And people aren't going to let you have free reign over their campaigns, anymore. YOU WILL BE ON THEIR LEASH, YOU ARROGANT, POMPOUS, OUT-OF-TOUCH, RECORD-AMOUNT-OF-MONEY-SPENT, LO-HOO-HOO-HOO-SER! ("L")

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a great lobbyist for Bill Clinton and "Green Energy" companies, but you would think, "the greening of L.A." is the BIG CRISIS in the city as City Council hold "brink-of-bankruptcy" talks and THOUSANDS of city jobs will be lost in 2010 and FED housing cuts means BIG HOMELESS WAVE COMING TO L.A. STREETS. Can you talk about the budget and MASSIVE city reduction in services due to MASSIVE jobs being lost in 2010 -- EVEN WORSE IN 2011. ASK ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA ABOUT SOME OF THAT STUFF AT HIS OUT OF TOWN GREEN SUMMIT LOBBYIST GIG.

EXTRA SPECIAL MESSAGE TO COUNCILMEMBER TOM LABONG: Your Miracle Mile is being overtaken not only by lunch trucks in front of the restaurants (as covered by KNBC 4 News), which you can easily solve by having traffic enforcement write tickets for parking at failed meters; parking in the red zone; and for parking at expired meters (besides being able to change the parking restriction to 15 or 30 minute zone (instead of much harder to enforce 2 hr zone, on that block) -- NOW, illegal vendors are setting up flea markets on the sidewalk (if you need socks or T-shirts, go to sidewalk in front of Bank of America ATM machine on La Brea at Wilshire...OR, if you need some nice fresh fruit prepared on the street with the exhaust and rain -- or perhaps a bacon wrapped sausage prepared on the sidewalk, on an un-covered hot plate -- in the rain -- with exhaust blowing all over it...come on by The Miracle Mile on Wilshire, between La Brea and Fairfax. There's more of variety of vendors coming to the area, every day...NEW MERCHANDISE AND FOOD CONSTANTLY BEING ADDED TO THE SIDEWALK. (WHY even build nice retail districts in L.A. The sidewalk vendors put 'em out of business and create blight in the area. I spoke BRIEFLY with Tom about this in chambers, but he was more concerned with the people he had to walk to the elevator from his presentation. And then, it's kinda too complicated for him to really want to deal with anyway. SO LET THE BLOGGING ABOUT THE BARGAIN SHOPPING AND FOOD MALL AT MIRACLE MILE RAGE ON!!! And if you are driving through the area (which is all anyone does) call ZD if you can buy him a fruit cup, because they look really good (big chunks of REAL coconut) and some new socks and shirts. Could always use some of those. (Tom, call me if you're in the area (213) 785-7272. Maybe we can have lunch on the sidewalk, together in front of La Salsa or Johnnie's Pizza.)

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