Friday, December 4, 2009

Zuma Music Radio - Now Playing on LA Daily Blog (Courtesy of

Here's something that came out of my scanning of Wall Street stories. I read that Apple is going to buy I never heard of that, so I checked it out, and turns out it's going to be not only my favorite website, but suck every dime out of me. (Literally, they charge ten cents a song and you can listen to it forever on your computer.) Basically, it allows you to do what I used to get paid the big bucks to do in the radio business. Create music playlists and play them back. I went through and picked an hour's worth of music, or so, that I felt like hearing at the time. It's meant to play like a radio station or jukebox. This is kinda eclectic. I'll have some fun cranking out "ZD's Dream Radio Station" and posting it here. (Jack-FM is O.K., but Zuma-FM will beat them in the ratings EVERY TIME!) But this is just my own personal hour, not the home runs you would expect after all my bragging about programming radio stations.

Click here for Zuma Music Radio (Playlist 1)

News upcoming Zuma Music Radio playlists will post at

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