Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zuma Dogg's WEEKEND TWITTER Update: LA Budget Crisis, PensionGate, Chris Essel 4 City Council on Tuesday & Tell LAUD'S Tamar Galatzan To SHUT TRAP!

# F*CK YOU TAMAR GALATZAN: HOW DARE YOU OPEN YOUR JEALOUS, LOSER MOUTH AND USE THE HOLOCAUST FOR YOU POLITICAL PAYBACK. YOU SICKEN ME, BITCH! (She sent out robo-calls to people's HOMES forcing them to hear about the holocaust in the middle of their day, just for her own political motivations. And you can say that Essel and Krekorian have introduced the issue, first. BUT, MS. GALATZAN IS NOT IN THE ELECTION! She is REALLY CHOOSING to hop out there and jam this down people's throats, today. (If she made the call, or not, it doesn't have any impact on anyone's lives, today. JUST DRAGGING UP THE HOLOCAUST FOR HER POLITICAL ATTACK ON THE PERSON WHO SOUNDLY CRUSHED HER IN THE ELECTION, WHILE SHE TRIES TO SALVAGE THE CAMPAIGN OF KREKORIAN, WHO'S SUPPORT SHE WANTS WHEN HE JUMPS TO THE NEXT OFFICE.

# When you hear Tamar Galatzan slam Essel & come up with MORE reasons to vote for Krekorian, remember, she is a jealous loser who got creamed.

# TAMAR GALATZAN is a shameless political LOSER who is attacking Chris Essel because she is a jealous woman who LOST to her!

# TAMAR GALATZAN IS A DISPICABLE, SHAMELESS POLITICIAN. She MAKES ME ILL. She is only endorsing Krekorian because she is a jealous woman.

# Zuma Music Radio - Now Playing on LA Daily Blog (Courtesy of

# I never met an L.A. City activist/community member who doesn't like David Hernandez. One guy you NEVER hear a bad word about. DAVID ENDORSES CHRISTINE ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL THIS TUESDAY!

# RT @villaraigosa: Read my post on how we're helping businesses save money by saving energy: [Hey Mayor Bozo, that ain't gonna save 'em!]

# The final shoe in ZD's prophetic predictions is about to drop...ELLIOT BROIDY, pathetic fuck is gonna SING like Zuma Dogg on Karaoke Night!

# PENSIONGATE L.A.? LA Times story on Elliot "Pathetic Fuck" Broidy. NOW facing FOUR YEARS in PRISON. Happy Holidays!

# PENSIONGATE COMING TO CITY HALL?: GUILTY Broidy was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's appointee at Fire and Police Pensions system until May.

# YouTube Video: Paul Krekorian, Circus Clown & Crybaby Loser (Both at the SAME TIME!)

# PAUL KREKORIAN OFFICIALLY turns into a circus clown & crybaby loser at the time time. Paul, you're priceless & shameless

# Beloved Councilmember Joel Wachs ENDORSES Christine Essel for City Council in CD2. YES, JOEL WACHS ENDORSES ESSEL.

# Zuma Dogg Music Radio for Saturday:

# Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Wrap Up for 12.04.09 (Monitor The Global Economy RIGHT HERE!)

# When George W Bush would make once yearly trip to L.A, it was for fundraisers at Elliot Broidy's house in Bel Air. Seriously Connected!

# Zuma Dogg Hears CalPERS & Fire Pension Part of SEC Investigation Into Elliot Broidy - Is Jerry Brown Going To Indi...

# @Villaraiogsa, Will you GET REAL? You just got back from Mexico, and now you are Occidental College talking about climate change? Udumlosr!

# @Villaraigosa, is this how you are spending time, today. "At Occidental talking with students abt climate change, the green economy."

# Zuma Dogg Public Comment for 12.04.09: Budget, Pension & CD 2 Council Election Tuesday. Joel Wachs Endorses Chris Essel!

@ZumaDogg now predicts that AG Jerry Brown will serve L.A. City Pension indictments. And like Cuomo's, just in time to run for CA Governor!

# PENSION GATE COMING TO L.A. CITY HALL?: @zumadogg say, "YES!" Broidy's relation w/CalPERS & Fire Pension part of SEC subpoena. Jerry Brown!

# NOT JUST CUOMO: SEC also after Elliot Broidy. He was stalling handing over paperwork since April. More demanding letters sent over summer.

# PENSIONGATE DETAILS: Zuma Dogg has learned that CalPERS & Fire Pension was part of Broidy subpeona in April. Could be BIGGER investigation!

# TO KREKORIAN SUPPORTERS: When libraries, parks, fire, DOT, schools and all else is cut in BUDGET crisis, you can stand in open space w/Paul.

# When I listen to reasons people are supporting Krekorian, I don't hear ANYTHING about the Budget. BUDGET IS #1 ISSUE PUTTING ALL AT RISK!

# I wish selfish CD2 activists would evaluate best interest for City AS A WHOLE, not just "NIMBY issue." If City fails, YOUR DISTRICT FAILS!

# ZD's "Wall St Watch" NewsTweet Wire is updated at (One page for all Tweets, LA Daily Blog posts, Wall St News, Radio Shows and Videos.)

# Council Meeting in Van Nuys today. Show up and give 'em hell over budget. Tell 'em to quit duplicate grandstand-talk and GET TO BUSINESS!

# Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Wed 12.03.09 (Trutanich, Essel, Krekorian, PensionGate & More)

# If you are invested in stock market and want to know which way the wind will be blowing on Friday, call me on my cell. No need to wonder.

# Zuma's LA Daily Blog has 5 stories on TOP 20 Ranker for today. Mayor Sam's blog has 0 stories in the Top 20. Hype vs Stats.

FYI: LAUSD's Tamar Galatzan announced on Kevin James' KRLA radio show to all of Los Angeles, when asked, "Who of all the other candidates for CD City Council would you chose as your "Chief of Staff," Galatzan quickly replied, "Zuma Dogg," and gave her reasons. So it's not like there is any "bad blood" between me and Tamar. She and her husband were very nice and cordial and respectful to me during the campaign, and I enjoyed that moment where ZD and the LAUSD boardmember were on the same side of the rope, and all that. So imagine how sickened I finally am with her over this last round of political insipidness. (Of course the Krekorian supporters do not understand why I am so outraged by her political desperation, because they will not see it as such, because they are the segment of voters who get "suckered" everytime by the cupcakes, puppies and promises in an election season by a hardened, State Assembly politician. LOL! (I wish he WOULD win, so these dummies would finally get their FINAL lesson in State Assembly politics.

These were the LAST people holding on to hope that there IS a Santa Clause, even though all their older brothers and sisters and friends were trying to tell them it's just make believe. But a kid trying to hang on to that last bastion of hope will believe what they want to believe.

Look at Obama...he RAN on an entire platform of WITHDRAWING troops. But now that he is in office, "Oooops, I mean ADD troops!" (Oh well, I'm sure he meant it when he said it. Or at least he said it, because that's what people WANTED to hear! SO SAY IT!!! WHO CARES??? Once you're in office, just say, "It is with a heavy heart that I make the difficult decision to vote, "Yes," on this density project I said I was against, but the mayor will kill me, and will run two candidates against me like he did to Tamar Galatzan, if I don't approve it." (The "ayes" have it!)

Zuma Dogg on Christine Essel

Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, Dennis Zine, David Hernandez, Zuma Dogg, Police Protective League and the BELOVED JOEL WACHS -- all SUPPORT and ENDORSE CHRISTINE ESSEL FOR LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL. And we ask you to remind your friends in the Valley's CD 2 to vote THIS TUESDAY -- and remind you to vote, as well.

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