Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zuma Music Radio - Saturday Night Music Mixes (Rockin' Oldies, Pop Hits of 70's & 80's, Old Skool Hip Hop, 80's Modern Rock & Mostly Disco Dance)

[Pictured: Look politicians! You should get your own, "I Love (Insert Your Name Here)" warm and fuzzy puppy, like Zuma Dogg has. It will make people like you more -- and maybe it will hypnotize your constituents to fall for your shady b.s. money-spending causes that you LOVE doing in the name of kids, pets, seniors, civil rights, etc. The more deplorable and sympathetic you can make the whole thing sound, the better! How can you say, "no," when a politician is holding a an adorable warm and fuzzy stuffed puppy, like this, when saying it? YOU AREN'T AGAINST KIDS, PETS or SENIORS, ARE YOU?]

AND ON A LIGHTER, MUSICAL NOTE: Here's a little bit of the music Uncle MC Zuma Dogg has been listening to while he blogs in the rain, this weekend. I've mentioned Sign up, quickly -- for free -- and you can listen to these playlists in their entirety (instead of just 30 second clips, if you DON'T sign up.) Press "play all" on each playlist and it will play like an online iPod. Hopefully, you'll dig one of these genres, for this evening. More at More coming...

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