Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Zuma Dogg City Council Meeting Re-Cap for Friday 1.29.10 (Pt 1): ZD discusses staff cuts to City Attorney's Office

Zuma Dogg Recaps (Friday 1.29.10) City Council Meeting, Part 1: Discussion of cutting 100 staffers from City Attorney's Office. (Political jack move, or the first place to cut?) For the record, I was told by a responsible city hall budget master (NOT PARKS!) that council and mayor's office has already made cuts to their offices, and these staff cuts are not new informatio, because this budget reduction in the City Attorney's office was already made during last year's budget. So Council and the mayor probably made the cuts previously to neutered his office and we are just finding out now. CLARIFICATIONS, Anyone?

ZUMA DOGG CITY COUNCIL RECAP: Cutting City Attorney's Office Staff? (Guitar Intro by Matt Dowd)

MATT DOWD LIVE GUITAR JAM - "Run Like Hell" (Intro by Zuma Dogg)

Stay tuned to LA Daily Blog for LIVE web streaming ALL WEEKEND! (Please help support with PayPal donation, now! Avoid disaster and keep blogging services smooth!) GREAT DAY AT CITY HALL (for Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd) as it was the perfect blend of US crushing THEM with Public Comment, along with comedy shenanigans (mostly on Councils part.) A LOT OF HILARIOUS NON-SENSE. Will post video later. Check back.


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