Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zuma Dogg L.A. City News TWITTER Updates for 1.27.10

ZUMA DOGG L.A. City Council Recap for 1.27.10

  1. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Evening News - City Council Meeting Recap and More...
  2. To @EricGarcetti: 1st Amendment Speech is NOT defined by the capacity of your blown-out speaker system. Sorry, Eric, you're shooting blanks!
  3. Joker Herb Wesson forces panel to apply for park grant requiring MATCHING FUNDS when city is BROKE, you DUMMY WESSON!
  4. RT @Schwarzenegger:- On red carpet for premiere of movie (OH, That's GREAT Arnold. Glad to see you NOT tackling budget, clown.)
  5. Joker Herb Wesson STILL does not understand budget emergency. Over-rules recommendation to PASS on park grants requiring $60 MATCHING FUNDS.
  6. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT (1.26.10) on Medical Marijuana and L.A. City "full-blown budget emergency."
  7. RT @LANow: Mood tense as Villaraigosa meets with managers to discuss budget gap
  8. RT @villaraigosa: Announcing $3.1mil in grants to 26 arts institutions:Hey DUMB, Crack-head, Mayor...ART PROGRAMS IS NOT THE ISSUE, CHUMP!
  9. RT @LATimescitydesk: Should LA and CA try to fix their budget woes by upping fees for parking/traffic violations?
  10. Breaking news: Home foreclosures in L.A. County increase: The number of Los Angeles County homes slipping toward f...
  11. Bratton hires the disgraced crybaby-loser Jack Weiss to run L.A. office of Bratton's private security firm.
  12. VIDEO NEWS: Zuma Dogg City Council Update (3pm Report) for 1.26.10
  13. Zuma Dogg just contacted by FIRST ATTORNEY who is preparing LAWSUITS against L.A. City over yesterday's Medical Marijuana vote. $$$
  14. PayPal Zuma Dogg - PayPal Zuma Dogg. It's getting worse every day. And I'm getting pretty CRANKY. This blog...
  15. FINANCIAL FUTURE of L.A. is tied to PENSION MONEY invested in Wall Street. If Wall Street goes DOWN this year, City is O-V-E-R!
  16. ZUMA DOGG on Kevin James 9pm Hour on "Full Blown Budget Emergency."
  17. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BREAKING NEWS on L.A. City Council Meetings and BUDGET (Plus TV 2, 4, 7, & 11 ALL Have News Storie...

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