Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VIDEO NEWS: Zuma Dogg City Council Update (3pm Report) for 1.26.10

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT (1.26.10) on Medical Marijuana and L.A. City "full-blown budget emergency."

Zuma Dogg talks about Roy Orbison presentation this Friday (GOOD!), Kevin James call from last night (Ron Kaye on tonight - 870 KRLA 9PM), ZD clarifies why Paul Koretz, Mr. Medical Marijuana , voted "yes" on ordinance his supporters HATED, and ZD had to tell municipal bankruptcy architect, Eric "Garshady" Garcetti, "Don't interrupt me, PUNK!," during public comment, when ZD had the floor. ANYWAY, this is a good recap show for some semi-mindless infotainment fun.

BONUS VIDEO TREAT: L.A. Guitar Legend Matt Dowd Guitar SCORCHER!

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