Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Does Zuma Dogg Have A "Cease & Decisist" Case Against LA WEEKLY for their use of "LA DAILY" for their BLOG, when ZD uses "LA DAILY BLOG"

I'm not Johnny Cochran, Jr., but it DOES bother me that LA Weekly is using "LA Daily" for their blog, when ZD has been using "LA Daily Blog" way before they even launched a blog.

Why it bothers me now, is I was bamboozled by a Google search. I saw an article with a link to "LA Daily" in a blog search, and I thought it was from MY blog. So I could be wrong, but I need to contact an attorney today, because I don't like that LA Weekly is using "LA Daily" for their blog when Zuma Dogg came up with the name and concept for "LA Daily Blog" first. I let it slide, cause no one reads their blog, but now that it is fucking up my Google searches and people may be confused and think they are reading world-class exclusive content from the prophetic genius, and it's only a bunch of crap from LA Weekly's blog. NOT FAIR, Y'ALL! (I've said my URL is on the market, if they want to buy it. Otherwise:

LA WEEKLY...cease and desist from the use of "LA Daily" for your blog immediately for violating Zuma Dogg. (Attorney being contacted, today. )

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